Do Not Let Epididymitis Ruin Your Sex Happiness

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In recent years, the incidence of epididymitis has been increasing year by year. Compared with prostatitis, epididymitis is much less well-known. However, the lethality of epididymitis on sperm is much greater than that of prostate disease. Most diseases of the reproductive system are closely related to epididymitis. Therefore, males must fully understand and pay attention to epididymitis.

Epididymitis and "sex"
The epididymis is the main sex organ of men. Its main function is to produce sperm and gonadal hormones. If epididymitis occurs, it will affect the normal work and life of the patient.
Epididymitis is divided into acute epididymitis and chronic epididymitis. Patients cannot have sex when suffering from acute epididymitis. Because the epididymis is in an inflammatory state of congestion and edema, extensive congestion of the penis during intercourse will aggravate the swelling of the epididymis and reduce the adverse inflammation. Sexual life must be started gradually after the epididymitis is cured. 
In patients with acute epididymitis, the scrotum swells, the local pain is severe, and even has a certain impact on the movement. The pain can radiate to the ipsilateral groin area and lower abdomen, accompanied by general malaise and high fever.
When the inflammation is severe, it can spread to the testis, and the skin of the scrotum can be red and swollen. Chronic epididymitis is usually caused by acute failure to cure, and the local area still feels dull pain and discomfort. Touching the epididymis with hands may cause lumps, and the vas deferens and spermatic cord may also slightly proliferate.
At the beginning of epididymitis, the frequency of sexual life should be limited, but it cannot be completely abstinent. Patients should know that if he doesn't have sex for a long time, sperm will accumulate in the affected area, making the affected area in a full state, and it will also cause congestion. In short, after getting the disease, whether it is acute or chronic, it is necessary to treat the disease thoroughly and have a moderate sexual life, which has certain benefits to prevent recurring attacks.
Although chronic epididymitis has almost no effect on the sexual function of male patients, the affected area will become hard due to long-term inflammation. When the sexual intercourse reaches ejaculation orgasm, the affected area and the vas deferens will contract and cause pain. Sometimes the pain will continue after intercourse. For a period of time, it interferes with the quality of sexual life. Therefore, it is recommended to reduce sexual life if you have epididymitis, and you must not have sex frequently.
The impact of epididymitis on patients is so great, so it is necessary to understand how to self-care for epididymitis, especially during the acute period. Patients with acute epididymitis should rest in bed, apply local cold, elevate or use a cremaster belt to lift the scrotum. 

Medication, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is also recommended for treatment. The herbs contained in Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill work effectively and directly into reproductive system and urinary system. If it becomes suppurative, it should be incised and drained in time. Be sure to put an end to alcoholism, smoking, and eat less spicy and sour foods to prevent local epididymal congestion.
Prevention of epididymitis
1. Hygiene habits
To avoid the influence of male epididymitis, males must develop good hygiene habits in their daily lives. So as to avoid male genitourinary infection diseases and then induce male epididymitis.
2. Diet
In the daily life of males, pay attention to an appropriate diet, drink water frequently to keep the stool smooth, which is also one of the ways to prevent male epididymitis.
3. Sexual life
Paying attention to healthy and scientific sex life can also help men prevent epididymitis. So pay attention to the law of sex life and be reasonable. Avoid male sex life too frequently, excessive masturbation, thus avoid causing epididymal congestion and edema, inducing or aggravating the condition.
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