Epididymitis Relapsed After Treatment, What to Do?

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When some men get epididymitis, their bodies can recover quickly, and epididymitis is also cured because they can get timely treatment. However, it is easy for other men to cause recurrent epididymitis because of the problems during the treatment or if they are not well cared for during the recovery. 

Under such circumstances, what are the specific reasons for recurrent epididymitis?

1. Patient takes a monotherapy. Epididymitis is likely to induce many other infectious diseases, such as male seminal vesiculitis and urethritis. The single treatment of epididymitis, without the treatment against other related diseases, may lead to secondary infection of the male epididymis and thus recurrence.
2. The treatment is not thorough enough. When men suffer from epididymitis, it is best to refer them to professional and comprehensive treatment as soon as possible. In the treatment process, many male patients take it incompletely, resulting in unfinished treatment, which is one of the reasons for the recurrent epididymitis in men.
3. The bacteria are complex. Experts point out that after men treat epididymitis, there are often reasons for recurrence, mainly due to the difficult pathogenic bacteria caused by epididymitis. The pathogenic bacteria of epididymitis mainly consist of E. coli, staphylococcus, and streptococcus. Therefore, in the course of treatment of epididymitis, if the medication is improper or simply for certain bacteria only, it will lead to incomplete treatment and recurrence.
All of the above reasons may lead to recurrence of epididymitis. Suppose the patients do not take it seriously and the epididymitis does not heal for a long time. In that case, the cavity of the vas deferens in the epididymis will be blocked due to the adhesion of inflammatory scars, resulting in secondary infertility, which is difficult to recover, and patients will be regretted forever. For those who have repeated epididymitis, sometimes vasectomy or epididymectomy are necessary, but those procedures will bring great harm to patients.
Therefore, when epididymitis recurs and is treated again, patients should actively cooperate with the doctor and cure the disease thoroughly. When receiving surgical treatment and taking chemical medicine, patients can also choose herbal drugs to assist the treatment. 
Diuretic Anti-inflammatory Pill is a herbal medicine that helps treat epididymitis, reduces inflammation, and promotes the recovery of other male urogenital system diseases. Under the condition of strict control of diet and regular life, patients taking Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can relieve the inflammation of epididymitis and prevent the recurrence of the disease.
In addition to drugs and surgical treatments, epididymitis patients need to pay attention to the following matters during the therapy and daily life after recovery to prevent disease recurrence.
First, improve the diet structure and prevent the intake of high-cholesterol food. Patients are encouraged to eat less "red meat" (referring to meat with high cholesterol such as pork, beef, and lamb) and eat more "white meat" (referring to meat with lower cholesterol such as chicken and fish). That is beneficial to the prevention of epididymitis recurrence.
Second, keep a regular life and maintain a smooth bowel movement. As the saying goes, prevention is better than disaster relief. That is a truth that everyone understands, and the same is true for diseases. I hope that males can do the epididymitis prevention work as above-mentioned in their daily lives to keep the condition away from them. In addition, if any of your male friends accidentally suffer from this disease, please ask them to go to a regular hospital for treatment in time to avoid the deterioration of the condition or inconvenience in future life.
Third, have a positive mindset and do not overwork yourself. Patients should participate in sports activities such as running, swimming, ball games, etc., to enhance physical fitness and release stress.
Fourth, avoid eating spicy food or drinking alcohol to prevent inflammation of the urogenital system.
Epididymitis patients must be vigilant in their daily lives to prevent the disease's recurrence. They need special attention on adjusting their emotional changes. Caring for the male's health should start from the subtle things in life.
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