Scrotal Pain - A Symptom of Epididymitis

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In today's life, many men suffer from epididymitis without treatment, which eventually leads to infertility. Men do not know that they suffer from epididymitis, so they do not receive timely treatment. So today, it's going to talk about some symptoms of epididymitis. If men have these symptoms, they need to go to the hospital to see if it is epididymitis to get treatment at the most convenient time.

The symptoms of epididymitis
1. Scrotal pain
Scrotal pain is one of the most typical symptoms of epididymitis. When the scrotum is unexplained, and no external objects appear, epididymitis will likely occur.
2. Painful pressure in the groin
When epididymitis occurs, it is easy for the pain to move slowly from the scrotum to the groin, causing the groin to be squeezed and painful at the end of the day. Sometimes the skin also becomes thin and easily peels off.
3. Testicles slowly become larger
If men have epididymitis, their testicles will slowly swell up. And when they swell up, they will become stiff and painful when touched gently. Some testicles may become shrunken, and sometimes in severe cases, the testicles are almost invisible.
4. Irritable mood
Because epididymitis can cause pain, the body's painful feeling will make the patient's mood very bad and quickly irritable. In severe cases, it will also cause the couple's relationship and make the couple's relationship break up.
How to prevent epididymitis
1. Don't hold urine
It is a terrible habit to hold your urine. When you have your urine, it is easy to cause neuromuscular disorders. Once the neuromuscular disorders lead to urine reflux, it will lead to too much uric acid, which makes bacteria breed once you hold your urine. Together with urine reflux, it will lead to epididymitis.
2. Don't eat spicy food
Spicy foods can easily stimulate the epididymis in our body. Once the epididymis is produced, it is prone to hyperemia, which increases the workload of the epididymis, which is very easy to cause the appearance of epididymitis.
3. Avoid being sedentary
It is a widespread thing nowadays to be sedentary, and when this happens, it will make the blood of the lower body not circulate. This time, if it is severe, it is easy to infect the epididymis directly and make it inflamed. Therefore, it is best to avoid being sedentary during standard times, and office workers should choose to get up for 5 minutes an hour.
Treatment of epididymitis
1. General treatment
It is common to rest in bed and use scrotal support to reduce the symptoms. It is recommended to make more extensive scrotal support with cotton pads to make it more comfortable. Patients with solid pain symptoms can use painkillers and local heat therapy to relieve symptoms and promote inflammation subsidence. 
However, it is not recommended to use heat therapy too early because there is a risk of aggravating the pain and ice and promoting infection. It is more appropriate to use ice packs to apply heat locally in the early stage.
2. Antibacterial drugs
In the doctor's advice to choose the more sensitive to bacteria medicines, in the intravenous administration of a week to two weeks, you can take oral antibacterial medication for 2 to 4 weeks, which can play a preventive role—preventing the turn or chronic inflammation.
3. Surgical treatment
If medication is not practical, it is recommended to go to a professional hospital for a more comprehensive examination to consider whether surgery is needed.
4. Drug treatment therapy
The herbal medicine, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill have the function of clearing heat and dampness, draining liver and Qi, detoxifying and eliminating carbuncles, which can quickly relieve scrotal pain, eliminate inflammation of the epididymis, restore the standard form and function of the epididymis, and thus wholly cure inflammation of the epididymis.
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