Can Epididymitis be Cured by Taking Medication Only?

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Epididymitis is a common disease in men, and the primary treatment for this disease is anti-inflammatory therapy. The patients can recover from the illness by taking medicine. But the medicine alone may fail to cure the disease. If the condition is serious, the patients need surgery to be performed in time and pay attention to avoiding frequent sexual intercourse, developing good eating habits, and avoiding having spicy and cold food.

As far as the current drugs for the treatment of epididymitis are concerned, the most frequently used drugs are antibiotics. But since the categories of antibiotics are various, it is difficult for patients to choose.
For the general treatment of epididymitis, patients often used third-generation cephalosporin antibiotics and quinolone antibiotics, such as ceftriaxone, cefdinir, etc., or levofloxacin. The efficacy of antibiotics alone in the treatment of epididymitis is not evident because of the pathological changes after the acute phase of epididymitis, local fibrosis of the epididymis. The effectiveness will be better if patients choose the combined treatment with bacteria-sensitive medicines.
The pathogenic bacteria of epididymitis are often the result of intestinal bacteria or pseudomonas aeruginosa, which are more common in middle-aged and older men. Patients can choose which anti-bacteria medicine according to bacterial culture and antimicrobial susceptibility testing. If the doctor finds the patient is sensitive to trimethoprim compound sulfamethoxazole, it should be taken orally twice a day for four weeks. If local redness and swelling are apparent, blood leukocytes increase, and body temperature rises, antibiotics should be injected intravenously until the body temperature returns to the average.
Patients with epididymitis can be treated with a combination of herbal medicine and chemical medicine, which is more effective and can easily cure the disease after a period of medication usage. Male patients can use Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It can cure diseases and strengthen the body to prevent infections, which is the most significant feature different from other drug treatments. Its characteristics lie in that the medicine can cure the disease and is convenient to take.
Patients should also have other supportive therapies during the above treatments, such as bed rest during epididymitis. Patients can support their scrotum to relieve pain. If epididymal pain is severe, patients can use 20 ml of 1% lidocaine for local injection from the spermatic cord at the upper end of the testis to relieve discomfort. Oral analgesics and antipyretics can also be optimal options. 
Patients can place an ice pack on the epididymis early to prevent swelling. In the late stage, hot compresses can be used to accelerate the disappearance of inflammation and relieve the patient's discomfort. Sometimes indomethacin can alleviate symptoms of epididymitis. Patients should avoid sexual life and physical activity during the acute period of epididymitis.
For patients with more severe epididymitis symptoms, simple drug treatment can not relieve the symptoms, so patients need to choose surgical treatment. The purpose of surgical treatment is to release the seminal vesicle sheath, reduce the pressure of the swollen tissue to the blood supply of the testicular epididymis, and avoid testicular necrosis and atrophy. On the other hand, it is advocated that epididymectomy should be performed in the acute stage to cure epididymitis.
In daily life, epididymitis patients also have to follow the below precautions. More attention and preservation will help the disease to recover.
1. Avoid eating spicy food and drinking alcohol.
2. Live a regular life and keep your bowel movements smooth.
3. Keep a good mental condition. Patients should maintain a good mood, not overwork, and participate in physical activities appropriately to enhance physical fitness.
4. Promote safe sex. The patients should use condoms correctly and prevent urethritis related to sexually transmitted pathogens. Patients should treat urethritis in time to avoid the development of epididymitis. At the same time, patients should pay close attention to the inspection and treatment of sexual partners.
5. Don't develop the bad habit of holding back urine. Patients need to pay attention to relieve their mental pressure in work and life, avoid neuromuscular dysfunction, and prevent urine reflux.
6. Men who have bacteria in urine should actively seek the primary infection, such as chronic bacterial seminal vesiculitis, etc., and take early treatment to avoid acute epididymitis.
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