Can Men Have Sex During Epididymitis?

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Epididymitis is a widespread disease. Its occurrence is caused by bacterial infection. It is very harmful to human health and requires early treatment and improvement. The current situation requires early anti-infective therapy with drugs. Sexual life cannot be carried out during the treatment period, and multiple exercises are needed to enhance physical fitness and regular review to understand changes in their conditions.

Can men have sex if they suffer from epididymitis?
Chronic epididymitis has almost no effect on sexual function. However, because the epididymis is hardened by long-term inflammation and stimulation when the sex life reaches the climax of ejaculation, the epididymis, and the vas deferens contract and cause pain; sometimes, the pain will continue for a while after having sex. Therefore, it interferes with the quality of sexual life.
Do not have sex when suffering from acute epididymitis. Because the epididymis is in an inflammatory state of congestion and edema, sex life will aggravate the swelling of the epididymis, and the unfavorable inflammation will subside. Men must be cured before they can gradually start sexual life. 
In the beginning, the number of intercourse should not be too frequent. Epididymitis often recurs because the slender and tortuous epididymal tube bacteria is not easy to eliminate. If men have too much sex, the bacteria will re-emerge, and they will get sick again. But don't just try to abstain just because afraid of recurrence. Because of long-term sex life, sperm will accumulate in the epididymis, making the epididymis a whole state, and it will also cause congestion.
In short, after getting epididymitis, whether acute or chronic, it must be treated thoroughly and moderately sexually active, which has certain benefits to prevent a recurrence.
Causes of epididymitis
The cause of the disease is not yet fully understood. It may be related to sexual desire stimulation, chronic infection of the testicular epididymis, or partial obstruction of the sperm transport pipeline. However, clinical practice has proved that patients do not develop clear fluid cysts after vasectomy, which shows that the obstruction theory cannot be established. 
Its appearance may also be related to local injury or sexually transmitted disease infection. Others suggest that the epididymal tube of the epididymal head buckles turns or forms a diverticulum. As time goes by and sperm accumulates, the diverticulum tubules continue to increase, thus creating a seminal cyst. Semen cysts can also occur when the epididymis is blocked or scarred due to inflammation or trauma.
Treatment of epididymitis
In treating acute epididymitis, drugs are generally used clinically, and antibiotics are routinely used, both oral and intravenous, but the treatment effect is often poor. The acute inflammation presents a chronic process, and the chronic inflammatory nodules of the epididymis are left with symptoms, causing great pain to the patient.
Acute epididymitis is often complicated by acute infections of the reproductive tract and blood type infections. Therefore, acute epididymitis often becomes chronic epididymitis after drug treatment, and there are often chronic prostatitis or seminal vesiculitis, urethritis, and vas deferens. The acute or chronic spermatic cord can also be affected.
In treating chronic epididymitis, most patients will choose medication, such as herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, because the medication is harmless and non-resistant. It is a potent herbal medicine that can be a reasonable consideration. It can eliminate symptoms and causes to achieve therapeutic purposes.
The treatment process of epididymitis disease is very complicated. Patients must have complete psychological preparation before treatment. They must show their determination to face the condition in action because its impact on the male body is self-evident. Everyone cannot bear the consequences of a malignant event, so patients should carry out treatment as soon as possible and listened to doctors' advice actively.

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