Can Epididymitis be Triggered by Wearing the Wrong Underwear?

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Many people are not aware of the dangers that epididymitis can bring to the body, nor are they aware of the details that can trigger epididymitis. Many factors in daily lives can put men at risk of developing epididymitis. Many people only think about viruses and bacteria that invade the testicles and cause inflammation, but where do these viruses and bacteria come from?

How does underwear trigger epididymitis?
Men all have the habit of wearing underwear. An enormous function of underwear is to protect the testicles and reduce the friction between the thighs and outer pants to prevent odor from leaking out. Therefore, underwear has become an essential thing in our life.
The main reason for the external infection of testicular infection is the unreasonable design of traditional men's underwear on the market. Most men's underwear is designed with a double layer in front, wrapping the penis and scrotum together. It can lead to the penis and scrotum being in a hot and humid environment for a long time, becoming a breeding ground for germs and other microorganisms, which can easily lead to epididymitis due to prostatitis.

Notes on underwear
1. Choose the right underwear.
It is vital to choose suitable underwear. Too tight underwear will make the testicles squeezed. The airtight high-temperature conditions will affect the formation of sperm and thus affect fertility. Too loose underwear will cause not enough support for underwear to play a protective role. So men can choose a variety of underwear styles in their lives: boxer shorts can give men enough support for their private parts and are suitable for all occasions. Loose-fitting boxer shorts can let the private parts breathe when a man is sleeping. The tight-fitting boxer shorts can be ideal for various physical exercises and provide the best support for the testis. Therefore life, men must be able to choose their underwear due to the situation, and it is best not to use a single style. Choose a variety of types of underwear that can better protect the testicles.
2. Change new underwear in time.
Men should update their underwear in time. Once the underwear is damaged (such as small holes, small cracks, etc.), the underwear material is severely worn, yellow, old, and smelly. It should be replaced immediately. Men who exercise often need to work outdoors and sweat a lot need to prepare a few spare underwears.
3. Wash underwear in time.
The underwear must be replaced and washed on time. Dirty underwear can carry a small amount of fecal matter and many bacteria such as Salmonella and E. coli. These bacteria can collect on the surface of the underwear and enter the epididymis or testicles through the urethra, leading to inflammation of the epididymis and testicles. In addition, do not put several pairs of underwear into the washing machine at the same time. It will bring many germs to the washing machine barrel, spreading to other clothes through water pollution, making the user prone to eye congestion, itchy skin, breathing difficulties, and other symptoms.
4. Be sure to wear underwear.
Some men will consider the summer is hot. They want their private parts to be able to breathe and only wear outer pants without underwear. But this practice will make men easily exposed and make the testicles easily worn by the fabric of the outer pants. In turn, the bacteria on the outer pants are more likely to attack the testicles, increasing the likelihood of developing a testicular infection.
If men are suffering from epididymitis, they must treat it actively and promptly. Epididymitis is treated differently according to acute and chronic conditions. For acute epididymitis, it is recommended to be admitted to the hospital in time, have the secretion tested, clarify the curing bacteria and give intravenous antibiotic treatment. The most common drugs are levofloxacin and cephalosporins. Generally, intravenous medication can be used for one week to ten days to improve significantly.
For chronic epididymitis, firstly, tuberculin infection should be excluded, and secondly, medication is recommended. For example, the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a good choice for patients. It is a good choice for the patient. The pill has the efficacy of activating blood stasis, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, clearing heat, and detoxifying. The medicine is pure, natural, and herbal. A long-term use down will not harm the body. The treatment should be accompanied by physical therapy and treatment to promote blood circulation and regular sex life. It also requires strict control of diet and attention to personal hygiene.
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