How is Orchitis Caused? These Three Significant Influences are Prevalent!

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The testis is an organ only found in men, and it plays a vital role in the fertility of men. If there is a problem with the testis, it will considerably impact the male reproductive system and physical condition. The testicles are rich in blood vessels and tissues, which are susceptible to external invasion and cause inflammation, which is orchitis.

What are the causes of orchitis?
1. Bacterial infection
The intrusion of pathogenic bacteria is one of the leading causes of orchitis. The common ones are Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus. When these bacteria invade the urinary system and cause-related inflammation, they will come from the vas deferens if they continue to develop, Or the lymphatic system can cause orchitis.
If it is a bacterial infection of orchitis, anti-inflammatory and sterilizing drugs, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, can be used for treatment. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has a solid bactericidal ability, which can kill viruses and bacteria in the body, achieve the effect of anti-inflammatory and sterilization, thereby curing orchitis. And the recurrence rate after cure is meager.
2. Decreased immunity
When the body's immunity declines, the local resistance to external stimuli also decreases, so orchitis often appears in the symptoms of mumps and tonsillitis. In the case of systemic infections, viruses and bacteria can easily invade through the circulatory system. When the testicles cause orchitis, if the self-immunity is also low at this time, the probability of suffering from orchitis will be significantly increased.
3. Acute onset disease
Orchitis usually evolves into a chronic inflammatory disease. For many reasons, the symptoms of orchitis have not been completely treated, or because the acute attack of other conditions causes the lesion always to exist, the triggered orchitis will also recur and have long-term effects. It nextly becomes chronic orchitis.
How to prevent orchitis?
1. Keep clean and sanitary
Doing suitable hygiene measures can effectively prevent orchitis caused by unclean factors or infections. It is a way to protect the testicles from the root. In daily life, boys generally do not clean their genitals every day, so it is very prone to the growth of bacteria. Men can slightly increase the frequency of cleaning the local area to ensure no relief from the proliferation of bacteria.
2. Avoid premature sex
At present, many children are too intelligent, and it is not uncommon to have puberty, but the male genitals are generally not fully developed until after the age of 24. Therefore, premature sex can easily damage the genitals and cause local dysfunction. It also has a specific effect on the testicles.
3. Avoid excessive indulgence
Reasonable sexual life can please the body and mind and adjust the physical state. However, if the sex life is too frequent for a long time, it will cause a decline in sexual function due to long-term congestion of the genitals. In severe cases, it can also be caused by a decrease in resistance. Infection and inflammation can be generated. In addition to orchitis, it can also easily lead to prostate enlargement, infertility, and other diseases.
4. Keep close-fitting clothing loose and comfortable
The comfort level of clothing in the genital area is fundamental. Loose and comfortable clothing can avoid the continuous burden and keep it cool in the summer when it is overheated. In terms of pathogenic factors, looser clothing can avoid local moisture, inhibit bacteria growth, and help men maintain long-term health.
At present, there are many treatment methods for orchitis. During the treatment period, men must pay attention to maintaining hygiene and abstinence. Otherwise, it will only affect the treatment effect. Orchitis is also prone to recurrence. Usually, orchitis is not treated as long as it is treated in time. It will have a considerable impact, but it still needs more attention. It is, of course, the best to prevent physical problems.

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