The Symptoms of Epididymitis Vary From Type to Type

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To not affect the daily life and sexual feelings, many male patients who suffer from epididymitis will actively go to the regular hospital for treatment. But the treatment effect for many men was not particularly good. It is because patients are not diagnosed with the type of the disease. Today we will explain the symptoms of different kinds of epididymitis.

Acute epididymitis
Patients with sudden onset, high fever, increased white blood cells, the scrotum has swelling pain and sinking feeling, lower abdomen and groin involved pain, standing or walking intensified. The epididymis on the affected side is swollen with evident tenderness. 
When the inflammation scope is more extensive, epididymis and testis are swollen, and the boundary between the two is not clear. The spermatic cord is thickened and tender on the affected side. In general, acute symptoms subside after one week.
Chronic epididymitis
Chronic epididymitis is more common. Part of the patients turns chronic because of acute period failed to cure. However, most patients do not have a clear acute stage, and inflammation is secondary to chronic prostatitis or injury. Patients often feel the side of the scrotum pain and distension. The pain field extends to the lower abdomen and ipsilateral groin. The Secondary hydrocele may sometimes be associated. When examining epididymis, it often varies degrees of increased harden, there is mild tenderness, and ipsilateral vas deferens can be thickened.
Other symptoms
1. Cause uncomfortable symptoms
Epididymitis patients often show scrotal distension discomfort and pain. Patients in an acute stage also appear with chills, fever, etc. It has brought many inconveniences to male patients and seriously affected their work and life.
2. Cause irritability symptoms
Epididymitis patients will appear with irritable symptoms. Physical pain affects the patient's mood and leads to abnormal temper and losing interest in their sexual life, affecting family harmony. 
Epididymitis is a male disease, and the harm can be said to be very large. If the condition is serious, it is likely to induce serious consequences such as infertility, so it must be treated as soon as possible without sequelae. 
In general, patients with acute epididymitis need bed rest. If pain is evident, patients can relieve the symptoms by applying topical hot compresses, encouraging inflammation to subside.
However, it should be noted that premature use of heat therapy may aggravate pain and may lead to the spread of infection. Therefore, it is best to use ice packs for topical cold compresses in the early days. 
In addition, some antibacterial drugs can be selected for treatment by intravenous injection for one to two weeks and oral antibacterial medications for two to four weeks. 
Treating with a single antigenic drug for chronic epididymitis may not be ideal. Therefore, many patients begin to choose herbal medicine, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for treatment. It is a purely herbal medicine formula that has a powerful bactericidal effect and can effectively eradicate the pain and achieve the effect of thoroughly treating the disease.
In addition to treatment, men also need to pay attention to some nursing methods in their daily lives
1. Pay attention to mental conditioning: keep your mood comfortable and don't overwork. You should appropriately participate in sports activities such as qi gong, tai chi, etc., to enhance physical fitness, prevent colds, and avoid urinating.
2. Pay attention to dietary conditioning: improve the diet structure and prevent the intake of high-cholesterol foods. Eating less meat with higher cholesterol, such as pigs, cattle, and sheep, and eating more meat with lower cholesterol, such as chicken and fish, has particular significance for preventing the occurrence of prostatic hyperplasia.
3. Pay attention to life conditioning: avoid eating spicy and irritating products and drinking alcohol. And avoid the cold of the lower body, excessive intercourse, tolerance of urination, etc., which can cause sympathetic excitement and induce urination difficulties. Some patients have an insidious development of BFH and symptoms of uremia at the time of diagnosis, so abnormal urination in older men requires examination and treatment. 
4. Other: Experts recommend that male friends live regularly and keep their stools unobstructed.
Suppose patients with epididymitis want to restore their healthy body as soon as possible. They should actively cooperate with doctors for treatment and take medicine on time according to medical advice. In that case, they should also do an excellent job in nursing this disease in daily life. 
They also need to pay attention to regulating their mental emotions, scientifically and reasonably arrange their diet, and quit smoking and alcohol to restore to normal life as soon as possible.
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