What Happens to Patients with Orchitis After Drinking Beer?

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Orchitis is a common male disease. It will harm the reproductive organs and even further damage the health, so men must pay attention to it. If you have orchitis, the best suggestion is to be done in time with the doctor for examination and treatment. 

Many patients with orchitis are more concerned about what happens after drinking beer?
Men with orchitis can be very painful, especially after drinking beer. Some symptoms will be more obvious. Orchitis patients who drink beer will develop these symptoms, such as increased urination, urinary insufficiency, and frequent urination, which can seriously affect the normal fertility of the patient.
After drinking beer, the inflammation worsens, causing severe pain in the testicles, hydrocele, swelling of the scrotum, and even health risks.
Patients with orchitis disease must develop good living habits and eating habits in their daily life. The most important thing is to reduce drinking, which is not conducive to the disease and may make the condition more and more serious. In addition, orchitis patients can not eat spicy and greasy food before being cured. They have to eat light meals and be sure to drink some water, which can be conducive to the recovery of the disease.
Orchitis patients should avoid drinking alcohol and staying up late. Staying up late can also lower the body's resistance and accelerate disease occurrence. In addition, men also should do diet control that is not to eat too salty or greasy food and avoid increasing the burden on their bodies. Only when men pay enough attention to their health can they not let their bodies be hurt.
So that's what happens when orchitis patients drink beer. The appearance of orchitis brings severe harm to many patients. In the face of the emergence of orchitis, they must pay more attention to actively cooperating with the doctor's examination and treatment, so they usually in life must not ignore the disease.
Orchitis is divided into acute orchitis and chronic orchitis. Acute orchitis is mainly treated with antibiotics that are selected penicillin or streptomycin. They can also test with bacterial culture and drug sensitivity according to the results of these two examinations to choose antibiotic treatment. It can be completely cured in 10 days or so with timely treatment. Patients need to avoid sexual life during this period. Otherwise, it is not conducive to the recovery of the disease, and may cause pain.
If the disease slowly develops into chronic orchitis after delay, the treatment recovery is relatively slow, but also can be cured, such as natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It can eliminate the symptoms of orchitis and reduce the chance of reinfection.
At the same time as drug treatment, the patient should rest more and keep the testicular area clean. The underwear should wear a loose type of cotton. And avoid behaviors that increase the temperature of the testicles, such as sitting for a long time and taking saunas and baths. Patients should eat more high-protein food, eat more fruits and vegetables, and drink more water.
Hint: drinking alcohol can cause orchitis. Some people are addicted to alcohol; they don’t understand moderation, which will block blood circulation. If men's living habits are not good, it can also lead to a decline in body immunity, causing inflammatory deposition of the testis, leading to orchitis. Then men who like to drink must drink in moderation.
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