Can People With Orchitis Eat Red Meat? What About White Meat?

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The testicles are vital organs in men. However, many men are afflicted by epididymitis. It's absolute torture for those patients who were diagnosed with orchitis.

For the treatment of orchitis, dietary restrictions are significant. So can epididymitis eat red meat? What about white meat?
Patients with orchitis cannot eat red meat. What we usually call red meat is pork, beef, and mutton. Then we all know that these meats are rich in high fat and cholesterol. Eating red meat can easily increase inflammation and secretions, and the inflammation will further moisten and spread, leading to aggravation of the disease. 
What about white meat? We usually say white meat refers to chicken, fish, and so on. Compared to red meat, chicken and fish are lower in fat and cholesterol and do not cause increased secretions from inflamed areas or allow the inflammation to spread further. It can also enhance the nutrition of patients and improve their resistance.
So what should people with orchitis eat?
Which foods can the patients with orchitis eat? For patients with orchitis, the diet should be light, and usually eat more vegetables and fruits, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, wax gourd, bitter gourd, white radish, watermelon, pear, lotus root, etc. These foods play a diuretic role, and you can eat more.
For patients with orchitis, porridge is good, not only nutritious but also rich in water. Drinking some porridge every morning and evening can promote urination, and you can put some red beans, mung beans, or barley when cooking porridge. The prostate is beneficial.
After suffering from orchitis, it is recommended that patients eat more high-quality protein-rich foods, such as fish and shrimp, lean meat, poultry eggs, and soy products. Such methods can effectively avoid nutrient loss caused by high temperatures and help the absorption of high-quality protein. In addition, patients should pay attention to a balanced intake of various vitamins, so patients should eat more fruits, which can effectively assist patients with orchitis in the earliest recovery. Foods rich in vitamins include green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, animal liver, vegetable oils, etc.
Orchitis patients should also pay attention to the supplementation of minerals. Such substances are beneficial to the patient's condition. For example, the adequate supply of iron can effectively relieve the sexual dysfunction symptoms of weakness, wheezing, fatigue, and even pale complexion in patients with orchitis after sexual intercourse. It is helpful to the recovery of the disease, and patients are recommended to eat more.
After suffering from orchitis, in addition to timely treatment, patients should also pay attention to the law of diet in their daily life. Patients with orchitis are advised to eat more foods rich in zinc, such as walnuts, peanuts, fish, milk, etc. Vegetables and fruits are also good choices because these foods are good for the patient's condition.
Patients with orchitis should not only focus on the diet, but the treatment is also essential. The treatment of orchitis is also necessary. Antibiotic medicine is generally treated with antibiotics. Examples include levofloxacin and ceftriaxone etc. However, antibiotic treatment can not cut off the root, only relieve symptoms. At this time, you can choose a Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It is made of pure Chinese herbs and has no side effects. You can take it without any scruples.
Tip: If you have symptoms related to orchitis, you should seek medical attention in time.
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