Beware of 5 Symptoms of Orchitis, Early Detection and Early Treatment

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If a man has a particular vulnerability, the testicles should be among them. The testicles are not only invulnerable to pain like in TV dramas but also prone to inflammation. Some men like to wear tight pants or sit for long periods, which can easily cause bacteria to grow in the testicles, causing testicular inflammation.
Don't underestimate orchitis; it can cause a lot of trouble and even infertility in severe cases. Therefore, men should usually do an excellent job of preventing orchitis. If you have the following symptoms, you should be alert.

What are the symptoms of orchitis?
1. Afraid of cold
Some people are afraid of the cold when the weather is relatively cold. If there is a behavior of long-term fear of cold, it may be caused by testicular inflammation or other bodily abnormalities. If it is diagnosed as afraid of cold caused by orchitis, it is necessary to take timely treatment and conditioning measures.
2. Swollen lymph nodes
When the testis becomes inflamed, the body's lymphocytes begin to perform an immune function, and the superficial lymph nodes are severely swollen. Therefore, if you find that the lymph nodes are swollen and the testis has obvious discomfort, you should pay attention and go to the hospital in time.
3. Testicular pain
Most patients with orchitis will have obvious pain, but the pain in those patients with mild symptoms is not particularly obvious and transient, and generally, it is not a problem. If the pain in the testicles persists for a long time or even radiates to the base of the thighs and groin, the inflammation of the testicles maybe has become more serious, and men should be vigilant and not be careless.
4. High fever
Inflammation of the testicles will not only cause severe discomfort to the testicles, but those patients with weaker constitutions will also experience high fever. Due to local inflammation, the body temperature regulation center is blocked at this time, which may lead to the phenomenon of high fever. High fever caused by orchitis usually lasts for a long time. Only by controlling the inflammation, the high fever can be fundamentally relieved.
However, high fever in patients with orchitis is not necessarily caused by inflammation of the testis, so if the high fever persists, you must seek medical attention immediately to avoid burning your body.
5. Scrotal skin redness
Under normal circumstances, the skin of the male scrotum does not turn red, but after suffering from orchitis, the patient's scrotum will turn red, and even fluid will accumulate in the scrotum. Therefore, when you find that your scrotum has a similar phenomenon, you should be alert to the early symptoms of orchitis.
Some men think that orchitis is not a severe disease, but it is not. Orchitis will not only cause the above physical discomfort but also affect fertility. Therefore, when these symptoms occur in the body, one must take them seriously.
With current medical technology, orchitis can be treated entirely. In the early stages of inflammation, cold water rinsing or bathing can reduce inflammatory edema and exudation. If it is in the middle and late stages of orchitis, hot water washing or hot bathing can be used to relieve inflammation.
For patients with more severe symptoms, drug treatment is required. Bacterial orchitis requires antibiotic treatment. Herbal Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can clear away heat and detoxify, promote blood circulation and relieve pain. It also can eliminate various symptoms caused by orchitis. Moreover, it is a pure traditional Chinese medicine formula, which will not bring any adverse effects to the body. Long-term use will not produce resistance.
In addition, men should usually do an excellent job of preventing orchitis.
First, improve anti-inflammatory ability: You should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits and increase the intake of vitamin C and other ingredients to improve the body's anti-inflammatory ability.
Second, eat less stimulating food: eat less so-called "stimulating food" such as pig's trotters, fish soup, and mutton so as not to cause an increase in secretions from inflamed parts, further infiltration, and spread of orchitis and aggravation of symptoms.
Third, avoid early sex life: If you have sex early, the sexual organs are not yet mature, and the essence will be depleted, quickly leading to different degrees of sexual dysfunction.
Fourth, avoid unclean sex life: Many sexually transmitted diseases in men, such as syphilis, gonorrhea, etc., are related to cloudy sex life. Dirty sex life quickly makes oneself sick and infects the pests and diseases to the wife and even the children, which is highly harmful.
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