When is Surgery Required for Epididymitis?

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Epididymitis is a relatively common male disease. This disease can easily lead to the phenomenon of testicular inflammation in men. If it is not treated in time and effectively, it is easy to affect the normal sexual function of men, leading to some male genital infections. Therefore, patients must be treated in a timely and effective manner and must not be treated blindly. Otherwise, it may cause more severe consequences.

Acute epididymitis is a male genitourinary disease that occurs in the epididymis. It has certain infectiousness, so patients should be controlled and treated in time. When treating acute epididymitis, it generally needs to be judged according to the onset time and symptoms of the disease. Typically, patients with acute epididymitis can use antibiotics for treatment when they have some uncomfortable symptoms such as swelling or pain.
1. Surgery can be used for treatment in some cases with more severe symptoms. Surgery can be used when the symptoms are more severe and the epididymis is red, swollen, and painful. If the symptoms of acute epididymitis are more severe and the normal blood supply of the testis has been affected, the patient can choose to use surgery for treatment.
Surgical treatment of patients with acute epididymitis requires epididymal incision and decompression, and damage to the epididymal duct should be avoided as much as possible during surgery. If the adjacent external spermatic fascia can be cut simultaneously, the effect of improving testicular blood circulation is better. If the inflammatory mass at the epididymis increases and fluctuates, it indicates the formation of an abscess, and it should be incised and drained in time.
2. For patients with repeated episodes of chronic epididymitis, if other treatment methods are not satisfactory, especially when anti-tuberculosis treatment for tuberculous epididymitis is ineffective, patients can also choose surgical methods for treatment, and epididymectomy may be considered. Clinically, surgical treatment is targeted, and patients should never use surgery blindly.
Men suffering from epididymitis are best to seize the time for treatment. Early conditioning in life, not all men suffering from epididymitis need to be treated by surgery because the difference in the body is relatively significant, and the weak body cannot be treated by surgery.
Epididymitis is an inflammation. Most patients can control inflammation and change histopathological processes through drug treatment without surgery. The more common is the traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It is especially effective for chronic epididymitis.
Precautions for patients with epididymitis during treatment:
1. Patients must avoid dangerous sexual behaviors, pay attention to hygiene, and take necessary safety measures. If discomfort is caused during intercourse, they should seek medical attention in time.
2. Patients need to improve their dietary structure to prevent the intake of high cholesterol foods. They need to try to avoid eating spicy and stimulating things. Smoking and alcohol are strictly prohibited. The diet is mainly light, which will help the recovery of the disease.
3. Patients need to maintain good personal hygiene. Many spread diseases are caused by poor hygiene. They should wash their sexual organs frequently, and men with foreskin need more attention and should be cleaned of dirt often.
4. Patients must avoid sitting for a long time, holding urine, and not overwork. They also have to keep exercising to strengthen their physique.
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