Is Vitamin C Effective for Orchitis?

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Orchitis is a urological disease. After suffering from this disease, people will have testicular pain and swelling, and the pain is radiation pain and tenderness. Orchitis is very harmful. Once it worsens, it will cause irreversible damage to the testis. To deal with this disease, men should adjust their psychological state. Patients need to treat it with a positive and healthy attitude and choose relative drug treatment, which can play a significant role.

Is vitamin C effective for orchitis?
After the occurrence of orchitis, timely symptomatic treatment should be carried out, and corresponding drugs should be used to fight inflammation and infection! Although vitamin C has specific anti-inflammatory effects, it cannot cure orchitis. Vitamin C, also known as vitamin C, can promote rapid wound healing, fight against ascorbic acid, and enhance the body's resistance and immunity to the external environment.
Testosterone is often caused by bacteria, viruses, mycoplasma, chlamydia, and other infections. Vitamin C tablets alone have specific anti-inflammatory effects, but the impact of testosterone is relatively weak, and there is no therapeutic effect.
Vitamin C is helpful for patients with orchitis, but this medicine is a combination treatment. It can play an anti-inflammatory effect and help people's vitamin C supplementation. In the face of orchitis, men should take suitable medication.
How to treat orchitis?
The treatment of orchitis is mainly antibiotics, and some sensitive antibiotics can be selected according to experience, intravenous infusion, or oral therapy. However, because there is a natural barrier between the male reproductive system and the blood circulation system, that is, the blood-testis barrier, many drugs are difficult to penetrate the testis, and it is difficult to reach an effective therapeutic concentration. 
So, men can select the traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for treatment. The meridian-inducing drug can penetrate the blood-testis barrier and effectively treat orchitis.
How to prevent orchitis?
1. Men must clean their private parts in time to prevent invading bacteria, viruses, and other pathogenic bacteria.
2. Strengthen physical exercise, strengthen the body's immunity, improve the body's resistance to diseases, and prevent orchitis.
3. Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C can promote the recovery of orchitis and prevent recurrence!
Patients with orchitis cannot eat high cholesterol food: high cholesterol food is harmful to health, aggravates the development of the disease, and is not conducive to the elimination of orchitis. Common are animal viscera, pig liver, fresh crab roe, salted egg yolk, and so on.
Patients with orchitis cannot drink alcohol: alcohol will cause vasodilation, aggravate testicular pain and redness, and may also cause chills and fever. Beer, Baijiu, yellow rice wine, and red wine are not allowed.
Patients with orchitis cannot eat irritating foods: it will increase secretion from the inflamed part of the testis, further infiltration and diffusion of inflammation, and aggravation of symptoms. Standard irritating foods are mainly mutton, venison, pig's feet, fish soup, fish balls, etc.
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