Does Taking A Hot Bath Help Epididymitis?

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In general, acute epididymitis can be physically cooled by applying ice to the epididymis, which helps control the rise in body temperature. If it is chronic epididymitis, it is best to choose a warm water sitz bath, which can help promote the absorption of inflammatory exudates, which is also conducive to anti-inflammatory.

The recovery of epididymitis with a hot sitz bath is helpful. In anti-infective treatment, the hot compress on the epididymis is conducive to better absorption of local inflammation, thereby helping the epididymitis to recover better.
However, when using a hot water bath to help the absorption of inflammation, the temperature of the hot water is not recommended to be too high, and it is recommended to keep the temperature between 38 and 40 degrees Celsius.
A hot bath can relieve epididymitis pain. Hot compresses or hot baths can improve local blood circulation in the epididymis and relieve clinical symptoms such as local swelling and pain.
Cold compresses can be applied to the affected area in the early stage, and local hot compresses or hot water sitz baths are mainly used later. It can be used as an adjuvant treatment for epididymitis, and the treatment is primarily conservative. At the same time, patients should rest in bed, eat appropriate meals, and elevate the scrotum.
Epididymitis must be treated in time. Epididymitis is a disease of inflammatory infection, and the inflammatory condition should be eliminated in time when treating the disease. The pre-ice compress and the post-hot sitz bath mentioned above belong to physical therapy. In addition to this therapy, there are other methods such as drug therapy and surgery.
In addition, antibiotics should be actively used, and patients can choose diuretic anti-inflammatory pills. It has the main functions of clearing away heat and detoxifying, promoting blood circulation, relieving pain, and dredging stranguria.
It helps to kill bacteria, reduce inflammation, reduce swelling, and does not develop resistance. It can treat epididymitis very well, thereby improving some clinical symptoms of patients.
Epididymitis is mainly caused by inflammation in the epididymis, and its treatment is mainly based on anti-infective therapy. Patients can take oral or intravenous anti-infective drugs for anti-infective treatment.
Surgery is recommended for patients who fail conservative treatment. Surgery is mainly based on epididymal incision and decompression for patients with acute epididymitis. Suppose an epididymal abscess forms, and incision and drainage of the abscess are required. For patients with recurrent chronic epididymitis, consider epididymectomy.
Epididymitis care method:
1. The first thing to do with epididymitis is to pay attention to your hygiene. For example, some public bathhouses and swimming pools should be avoided as much as possible. During epididymitis, patients should try not to share towels and other bathing utensils with others to prevent bacterial growth.
2. Epididymitis will cause backache, even fever, and chills. Therefore, some men with epididymitis have sex during the treatment of epididymitis to prevent re-inflammation.
3. One of the reasons for suffering from epididymitis is body's immunity is not enough, so men need to strengthen exercise to improve their immunity. Of course, the intensity of exercise should not be too large. Routine aerobic exercise can be used, such as jogging and swimming, etc.
4. During the treatment period, patients should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, do not drink alcohol, and fast some spicy and irritating foods, such as onions, garlic, and peppers, because these foods can aggravate the disease. They also need to add nutritional supplements. The diet is mainly light and easy to digest.
5. Patients need to remain optimistic. Epididymal inflammation is a treatable reproductive system disease, and epididymal inflammation can be completely cured after regular treatment. Patients also need to avoid prolonged sitting for prolonged periods that causes prolonged pressure or rubbing of the scrotum.
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