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Effects of Regular Exercise on the Male Reproductive System

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Nowadays, many men work hard to make ends meet, so they don’t have much time to exercise, their health is declining, and they are easily affected by some diseases and injuries. To better solve this problem, men need to pay attention to more fitness exercises. However, studies have shown that excessive exercise can hurt male fertility.


So what effect does exercise have on the male reproductive system?
General physical exercise is good for improving all systems of the functional status of the body, for example, weight control, blood sugar, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc. So what is the effect of exercise on the male reproductive system?
1. Moderate exercise is helpful in improving sperm quality
Moderate exercise has an adjustment effect on the whole body state. You can avoid being sedentary and prevent obesity by exercising. Obesity will lead to androgen decline, and estrogen will increase, affecting sperm quality. Obesity may also lead to hypertension, diabetes, and these diseases can directly trigger sexual dysfunction. In addition, moderate exercise can improve the digestive system's function and adjust the body's metabolic state. During exercising, controlling diet and wearing loose clothing will benefit the reproductive system.
2. Excessive and strenuous exercise is not good for sperm
When exercising vigorously, due to the enormous energy consumption, deepening respiration has been unable to meet the body’s demand for oxygen. In the oxygen-deprived state, aerobic enzymolysis of glucose occurs, along with the production of large amounts of acidic metabolites like lactic acid. After these acidic metabolites enter the testes with the blood circulation, it will lead to oxidative stress, resulting in many reactive oxygen species in the semen. Under normal circumstances, semen has a particular antioxidant capacity, but when the reactive oxygen in semen exceeds the antioxidant capacity of semen itself, it will have adverse effects on sperm.
Studies have shown that reactive oxygen species can reduce sperm vitality and sperm responsiveness, increase spermatozoa apoptosis, and reduce sperm density. When sperm quality is affected, the probability of conception will be reduced. Seriously it can be manifested as infertility.
Precautions when exercising
1. Regular exercise has a more positive impact on semen quality. Especially for obese men, regular exercise can significantly improve semen parameters.
2. Infertile men may avoid cycling and performing high-intensity endurance sports, such as marathon running and triathlons, which may alter their hormonal profile and impair sperm formation.
3. Infertile men should be selective in sports that tend to cause trauma to the testicles (lacrosse, wrestling, soccer, and baseball) or the brain (boxing, field hockey, soccer, and martial arts). Protective equipment should be promoted.
4. Every man participating in sports should be aware of the possible effects of these sports on fertility. For example, the use of anabolic steroids or recovery procedures involving saunas or hot tubs may impair semen quality. If necessary, a hospital visit should be made to help accelerate sperm regeneration.
Moderate exercise at the right time, such as running, swimming, hiking, or various sports programs in the gym, will have certain health benefits and help improve sperm quality in male infertility patients. But only a proper amount of exercise, suitable for one’s physical condition, and a combination of work and rest can achieve good results.

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