Is Running Better for Prostatitis Than Other Exercises?

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People all want a healthy body, but sometimes the prostate is not good. It may be caused by holding back urine for a long time, it may be caused by drinking and smoking, or it may be caused by some bacteria that cause the patient's prostate addition to problems. , We don't want to have problems with the prostate. If there are problems with the prostate, there will be various complications. Apart from drugs that can treat prostatitis, what exercise is good for patients with prostatitis?

So is running better for prostatitis? Let's analyze it in detail next.

Running has a specific auxiliary effect on the complete treatment of the prostate, but it is far from enough to treat prostatitis. Therefore, the primary purpose of prostatitis is to maintain one's body, which can be supplemented by medication. 
For example, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a good choice. It is made of dozens of traditional natural herbs, which can clear heat and detoxify, reduce inflammation and relieve pain, and effectively remove the disease's root. Prostatitis patients should also avoid sitting for a long time, cycling outdoors for a long time, and do not blow on fans or air conditioners to prevent the body from being cold because it will lead to solidification. Avoid drinking alcohol, not smoking, and staying away from spicy and spicy food.
Exercise is to speed up the blood circulation of the prostate, avoiding the symptoms of poor blood circulation in the prostate caused by long-term sitting or riding outdoors. Distracting your attention can also help you eliminate masturbation more effectively, and you can do many meaningful things to change your awareness. Hence, running is beneficial for prostatitis. But it is still not enough to cure prostatitis. After all, prostatitis is a disease.
Can running cure prostatitis ultimately? It is not guaranteed that you can cure yourself by exercising every day, which is why patients with prostatitis need to run and exercise during treatment. You can do things that help the disease, but don't do it excessively. Because exercise is good, but high-intensity training can lead to muscle strain. This disease has not yet healed, and that disease has come out again, which is not worth the loss.
Many exercises are beneficial to patients with prostatitis, such as swimming, which can drive the muscles around the prostate to move, which is equivalent to massaging the prostate. The levator ani exercise is also a good choice, and the levator ani exercise can be performed anytime, anywhere, which is very convenient. Squats are also suitable for prostatitis patients, and squatting helps prevent prostatitis. 
Buttocks impingement also has a specific curative effect on prostatitis, and buttocks impingement is conducive to promoting the blood circulation of the prostate. Other sports, such as playing basketball, are all beneficial to patients with prostatitis.
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