How Can Regular Sex Help Your Prostatitis?

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Prostatitis is a common disease of the genitourinary system. It is the most common urinary system disease in men under 50. Many people believe that when genital inflammation occurs, they should actively receive treatment and stop sexual life.

Women should stop sex during the period of gynecological inflammation. However, when men suffer from prostatitis, maintaining a regular sexual life will not affect the treatment but also help to treat and alleviate prostatitis.
According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, "obstruction leads to pain." When the prostate is inflamed, it is easy to block the blood vessels around it. Once the blood vessels are blocked, the inflammation is difficult to eliminate. Also, the pain symptoms will appear.
When having sex, the smooth muscle of the prostate is contracted by ejaculation, and the glandular fluid is discharged into the urethra. It can play a better drainage role than prostate massage. On the other hand, if the prostatic fluid cannot be discharged for a long time or there is no ejaculation for a long time, it will produce a feeling of fullness and a desire to discharge the whole thing. If the desire cannot be satisfied, it will often cause penis erection and prostate congestion due to sexual impulses, aggravating chronic prostatitis symptoms.
After prostatitis occurs, except in the acute phase, men generally do not advocate stopping sexual life because sexual life is conducive to the metabolism of the prostate. If there is a source of infection (such as caused by gonococcus, chlamydia, mycoplasma, etc.), condoms should be used for isolation during sexual life to prevent transmission to the woman.
There is no standard regulation on the frequency of sexual intercourse, which should be determined according to the individual's condition (age, physical strength, degree of love for sex, etc.). However, it should be noted that men should carry out sexual intercourse continuously for a short time (more than twice a night because some patients with prostatitis do not weaken their sexual desire). It will be harmful. In addition, even if it is done once a day, it is OK.
Therefore, it is a very effective method to dredge the blood vessels of the prostate and relieve prostatitis through regular sexual life.
For the treatment of prostatitis, drug treatment is also the focus. Patients with bacterial prostatitis can be treated with antibiotics and quinolones. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a good choice for chronic patients, including nonbacterial patients. It can relieve pain, improve the symptoms of abnormal urination, improve the clinical treatment effect and promote the recovery of patients.
The nursing of prostatitis is also necessary.
1. Avoid unreasonable living habits
Unreasonable living habits can cause prostatitis, leading to the second attack of the disease. Therefore, avoiding sedentary habits, alcoholism, smoking, holding urination, and irregular work and rest is best. Forming good living habits can not only prevent the recurrence of prostatitis but also strengthen the physique and prevent the occurrence of other diseases.
2. Strengthen psychological counseling and strengthen confidence in healing
Because of insufficient knowledge of prostatitis, patients with prostatitis often have psycho neurological symptoms. The treatment process of prostatitis is long and challenging to cure, which also brings pressure on patients and makes them lose confidence in treatment. In addition, because of unclean sexual intercourse infection or patients with masturbation history, there are often psychological obstacles. Therefore, the treatment of prostatitis patients should pay attention to their psychological counseling and therapy and encourage patients to face reality and actively cooperate with treatment.
3. Eliminate the source of disease in time
Prostatitis can also be caused by inflammation of other body organs, such as long foreskin and scrotal inflammation. These inflammations are also common inducements that lead to repeated attacks of prostatitis and are not easy to cure. Therefore, patients with prostatitis caused by other diseases should take the correct treatment to eliminate these pathogenic factors.
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