Prostatitis Diagnosis: Can Prostatic Fluid Test Confirm It

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The prostate gland, one of the male-attached gonads, can secrete relatively thick and white translucent prostatic fluid. Prostatic fluid is one of the components of semen, but it has no reproductive function. The primary purpose of examining prostatic fluid is to know whether the prostate has inflammation, tumor, and other problems.

The prostatic fluid is removed by digital massage of the anus, so the stool should be emptied before the prostatic fluid is examined. If constipation or other conditions occur, you should take relevant drugs in advance to promote stool excretion. If a prostatic fluid culture is needed, do not urinate on the morning before the test, or urinate first and then do the test three hours later. Before an examination, patients should avoid oral administration of many antibiotics so as not to have a particular impact on the results of bacterial culture of prostatic fluid, which will lead to inaccurate results and affect doctors' judgment.
Prostatic fluid samples are collected by prostatic massage, which can be performed with the assistance of a physician. After urination, the patient is placed in a standing and bending position or chest and knee position on the bed. The examiner put on gloves or finger sleeve coated with lubricant and inserted the index finger into the anus, squeezing the prostate several times on both sides of the prostate from the outside to the inside and then pressing down from the central sulcus until the milky prostatic fluid drops out from the urethral opening. 
Due to different prostate lesions and some physiological factors, the degree of difficulty and amount of prostatic fluid is different, and the discomfort of patients is also different. If the amount is small, only one drop or none is taken out. If the amount is large, the prostatic fluid will flow out. Some people feel only mild discomfort, while others experience excruciating pain.
The routine examination of prostatic fluid mainly consists of observing the color of prostatic fluid, observing the number of lecithin bodies under high magnification, and making bacterial cultures to identify bacterial species. However, due to the special location of the prostate, in the clinical examination of the prostatic fluid, a single examination of the prostatic fluid will inevitably have deviation. Thus, prostatitis can not be diagnosed at one time. Collecting several prostatic fluid samples is often necessary so that doctors can make an accurate diagnosis.
There are no fixed criteria for the diagnosis of prostatitis. In most cases, the initial diagnosis is made by clinical symptoms and a simple prostatic fluid examination, combined with a comprehensive physical examination to exclude other urological diseases and abnormalities. Therefore, the diagnosis of chronic prostatitis is an exclusion or defect diagnosis. The diagnostic process includes a detailed history and clinical symptoms, physical examination, urine and prostate massage analysis, and selective testing as required.
Therefore, the prostatic fluid examination can not directly diagnose prostatitis. The doctor also should cooperate with other tests to determine whether the patient is infected with prostatitis.
If the patient is diagnosed with prostatitis, the prostatic fluid culture examination and the bacterial culture examination of the drug can be done, and the appropriate antibiotics can be selected, such as levofloxacin capsules, and ofloxacin, a broad-spectrum antibiotic. If there is significant pain, you can also cooperate with ibuprofen, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. 
Patients can also choose traditional Chinese medicine treatment. Patients with chronic prostatitis can use Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which has a good therapeutic effect. If you follow the doctor's advice and take drugs properly, your chronic prostatitis can be cured. Physical therapies, such as massage and hot compresses on the prostate gland, can also be used in conjunction with medication.
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