Why Do Some People Compare Prostatitis to a Cold?

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Prostatitis is like a cold. The reason why prostatitis and a cold are compared is that the two have similarities:

1. Regarding the causes of disease, prostatitis and colds are related to lifestyle, such as cold, fatigue, and ease of catching a cold after drinking. People who often work overtime, stay up late, drink less water, sit for a long time (compression on the prostate gland), eat spicy food, and drink alcohol are prone to prostatitis. Therefore, the pathogenesis of the two is closely related to the lifestyle.
2. Prostatitis and colds are common diseases in men. Cold is a common disease, and prostatitis is also very common in men, with 50% of men who have prostatitis.
3. Prostatitis and colds are both diagnosed by symptoms. Patients with them will have a sore throat, cough, phlegm, fever, muscle aches, etc. When a patient has these symptoms, they know they have a cold. If a patient has symptoms such as frequent urination, urgency, or dull pain in the lower abdomen, prostatitis can be diagnosed without looking at the prostate fluid test sheet. Therefore, the two methods are similar in diagnosis.
4. Prostatitis is the same as a cold. If the disease is mild, it can be cured without treatment and can be cured by adjusting the lifestyle. For mild prostatitis, such as abdominal pain when the weather is cold, the patient should drink plenty of water and rest for some time, and the discomfort will disappear.
5. The treatments for prostatitis and colds are also very similar. Cold medicine is a symptomatic treatment, and prostatitis is also the case. Prostatitis is usually treated comprehensively. Alpha-blockers are used for dysuria, antibiotics are used for infections, and if there is a problem with sexual function, drugs that improve sexual function are used. This is the similarity between the two in terms of treatment.
6. Recurrence: A cold occurs many times in a person's life and may occur several times a year. The same is true for chronic prostatitis, such as drinking, chills, and other factors. Chronic prostatitis is even more likely to recur than a cold.
7. Whether it is a cold or prostatitis, both can be prevented. Patients usually need to actively exercise to keep their bodies and mind in the best condition. Prostatitis can also be prevented before they become ill.
8. Severity of the disease: The two are generally not life-threatening but only cause discomfort to the patient but cause the patient's quality of life to some extent. Cold symptoms occur in the upper respiratory tract, and prostatitis symptoms occur in the genitourinary tract.
People often don't care about colds and fever (inflammation of the respiratory tract), and they generally do not worry about the psychological burden if they cannot be cured. However, when some people encounter the prostate, it is entirely different, and they will get more panic, worry, and anxiety. 
Why do people have different attitudes towards the two? Mainly because most people watch too many commercials and listen to too many radio pundits. While they are afraid, they will magnify and aggravate the symptoms of prostatitis.
Prostatitis is not incurable. Just like a cold and fever, it will inevitably happen in a lifetime. Patients do not need to have a heavy psychological burden to worry about whether prostatitis will not be cured.
When a patient is found to have prostatitis, he should go to the hospital for treatment in time. Early detection, early treatment, and early recovery should be performed. Patients can take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to treat prostatitis. It has the effects of diuretic and stranguria, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, clearing heat, and detoxifying, and has a specific impact on the treatment of prostatitis. 
In addition, surgical treatment, prostate massage and hyperthermia, and physical therapy can also be used. Patients should also develop good living habits to prevent such diseases.
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