4 Suitable Sports and Some Precautions for Patients with Prostatitis

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Prostatitis is a male disease that many men will have, but for the vast majority of patients with prostatitis, there is no need to seek drug treatment. Patients can actively improve their lifestyle and relieve prostatitis by exercising, especially chronic prostatitis patients.

Prostatitis patients can walk, jog and play basketball every day. Prostatitis patients do exercise can reduce the pressure on the prostate. And exercise can sweat more, promote the body's metabolic waste discharge, improve the body's immunity, is helpful to prostate treatment.
The exercise of the levator anus greatly benefits the improvement of prostatitis. The training method is to contract the anus muscles and relax repeatedly. It is recommended that you can exercise it three groups a day, 3-5 minutes each time;
When you are jogging, your pelvic floor muscle group can move with regular and rhythmic contraction, accelerating the blood circulation of the prostate and its surrounding organs. Jogging for half an hour a day is the best strategy to prevent prostatitis;
Walking is a relatively small exercise, suitable for elderly patients, and walking for 30 minutes or even longer after dinner. Walking can promote the rehabilitation of the disease. Patients with a better physique can walk faster, which is more beneficial.
Swimming can often exercise the whole body, which is very healthy. When swimming, the feet should constantly beat the water. Water pressure can accelerate the blood circulation in the prostate part, which is very helpful for eliminating inflammation. Swimming can slow down the development of chronic prostatitis. The muscles around the prostate can be relaxed, and exercise intensity is relatively small. Swimming will not increase the burden on the pelvic cavity and lower limbs, reducing prostatitis symptoms.
Prostate patients should pay attention to the following points when exercising:
1.The intensity of exercise can not be too large. If you feel tired, you should stop exercising.
2.After sweating, you should wipe off the sweat in time and then change to dry, loose clothes, which can avoid catching a cold.
3.After exercise, you can take a hot bath but not take a bath with cold water.
4.During and after exercise, do not drink too cold water, especially cold drinks.
5.Do not ride a bicycle.
Riding can compress your prostate and is not conducive to disease treatment.
However, patients with severe symptoms should go to the hospital and take medicine timely.
How to treat prostatitis?
1. Antibacterial treatment
People with prostate disease need to be treated with antibiotics at first. They can be relieved by taking antibacterial drugs, commonly using quinolones, such as ofloxacin or levofloxacin.
2. Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment
Traditional Chinese Medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for treating prostatitis is also effective. The drug can relieve the pain, frequent urination, urgency, and other symptoms of prostatitis with few side effects.
People with prostatitis need more nutrition and eat some food containing high protein, iron, zinc, selenium, and minerals. For patients, vitamins should also be supplemented appropriately through vegetables and fruits. People with prostate disease need to drink more water. Drinking water can effectively promote urination, and urine can flush the urethra, which can help the prostate secretions discharge and eliminate inflammation.
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