Men in the Office Should Protect Their Testicles

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Entering the era of the knowledge economy, more and more people are sitting at work. However, sitting still for a long time harms male reproductive function.

According to medical research, men who are used to sitting for a long time have twice as much erectile dysfunction as active ones. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "sitting for a long time hurts meat." The lack of regular sports for a long time caused the male genitals to flush with blood. In particular, when sitting on a soft sofa, the hips are deep in it, the scrotum is squeezed, so the backflow is not smooth, and the blood microcirculation of the pubic region is blocked, which can lead to testicular ptosis and lower abdomen in severe cases.
Moreover, sitting for a long time makes the harmful substances produced by metabolism not smooth, which reduces secretion, leading to sexual dysfunction and even orchitis, epididymitis, etc.
Therefore, office men should pay attention to life health care.
Avoid high temperatures
To maintain the normal function of the testicles, men should keep the best temperature of 34 ℃~35 ℃, which is also why the testicles grow outside. Therefore, you should try not to steam saunas, take hot baths, or sit for a long time. Men who often sit for work should wear loose, pure cotton underpants and never wear too tight underpants. Try to wear less tight jeans. Tight underwear easily oppresses the perineum, which is not conducive to blood circulation.
Drink plenty of water
Workers should consciously get up to drink water and go to the toilet every hour to promote the excretion of toxins from the body. Drink more water, and you can discharge more urine, flush the urethra, and reduce inflammation irritation.
Scrotum cleaning
The scrotum is a protective device for the testes. The scrotum skin has no subcutaneous tissue, but there are many Zoubi, sweat glands, and sebaceous glands, especially near the anus. The surface skin often hides more bacteria. If you ignore the health of the scrotum, it is easy to cause itching, eczema, and other diseases, which will affect the health of the testis.
Do not squeeze the scrotum at ordinary times, or it will aggravate local inflammation.
Strengthening the campaign
Office workers should be active for at least 30 minutes every day. To achieve this amount of exercise, we can adjust measures to local conditions, such as getting off the bus two stops in advance when commuting to and from work or taking a bicycle instead. Take the stairs instead of the elevator when going upstairs. Stand up and walk around while the TV is broadcasting advertisements.
The intensity of exercise can be gradually increased. If you walk for 15 minutes, you can gradually speed up to 10 minutes. Of course, if you can spare more time, I suggest you do 5 minutes of leisure sports every hour of work. It's straightforward. Just stretch your legs, turn your head, and twist your waist.
Monthly regular self-inspection
After the shower, the scrotum skin is relaxed, and the examination is relatively easy and accurate! During the test, you can use your hand to hold the testicles flat to feel the weight and texture of the testicles. Then check with the proper method (thumb in front, index finger, and middle finger in back), and carefully feel whether there is a lump or nodule, whether it is smooth, whether it is elastic, etc. If the size difference between the two sides is significant, there is tenderness, nodules, surface roughness, etc., you should visit the hospital for inspection.
Special reminder: Men who sit still for a long time are also prone to sores. If the pressure of work or life is excellent, the anxious mood will further cause the loss of hormone secretion, affect the balance of the entire endocrine system, and bring more severe diseases.
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