Can Exercise Aggravate Epididymitis?

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Exercise is not usually recommended for men with epididymitis, and rest is recommended during disease episodes because exercise may aggravate the condition. Epididymitis does not need to be regulated by exercise when it occurs and requires prolonged antibiotics to enable the body's white blood cells to clear the causative pathogens.
In addition, patients should rest flat on their backs, minimize strenuous physical activity, high energy expenditure, and other stimuli, and consider resuming exercise when the condition has improved.
1. Is there any relationship between epididymitis and excessive exercise?
Epididymitis is generally caused by inflammation of the genitourinary system and is related to an excessively long sexual life and excessive and frequent masturbation. The lack of attention to cleanliness and hygiene of the reproductive organs has something to do with it, and excessive exercise can cause aggravation of epididymitis. 
It is suggested that you use some antibiotics, have a moderate sex life, not masturbate, take a sitz bath with warm water every day, avoid prolonged sitting and squatting, rest properly, and actively cooperate with the treatment.
2. Why is an exercise not advised for patients with epididymitis?
The requirements for exercise and rest vary from disease to disease. For patients with prostatitis, encourage appropriate exercise, while the opposite is true for epididymitis because epididymitis is usually a pathogenic and common bacterial infection. During the disease attack, bacteria fight fiercely against white blood cells in the epididymis, possibly leaving the whole body in a state of weakness or even fever. In contrast, the entire body can only feel pain in the scrotum. 
The patient's exercise at this time may exacerbate the local inflammatory response, as the exercise process involves the risk of local friction or even injury. Exercise can also worsen the condition by straining the local muscles or causing the body to sweat profusely. All of which can aggravate the condition.
3. Can epididymitis get worse with more exercise?
Epididymitis will not become more serious with more exercise, but the magnitude and difficulty should not be too great to avoid hurting the epididymis and causing secondary damage. Proper exercise can increase the body's resistance. It is recommended to wear loose underwear, often change and wash underwear, pay attention to hygiene during sex, Don't have sex even during the acute phase,  keep a light diet and develop good habits.
4. What exercises are suitable for patients with epididymitis?
A moderate amount of exercise after epididymitis can improve the local blood circulation, thereby benefiting the dissipation and absorption of the inflammation. As greater exercise can lead to increased congestion in the epididymis, there is the possibility of additional damage to the epididymis during exercise, which can affect the recovery of epididymitis. 
Patients with epididymitis can do sports that are not strenuous. So they need to choose sports that are low in volume and avoid squeezing injuries to the scrotal epididymis area, such as walking, radio gymnastics, tai chi, etc. Avoid strenuous exercise and avoid sitting and standing for long periods.
Remember: it is essential not to wear tight-fitting trousers, as this will prevent additional squeezing damage to the epididymis.
Epididymitis can be divided into acute epididymitis and chronic epididymitis. Acute epididymitis is mainly manifested by increased body temperature, scrotal swelling and pain, and a sinking feeling.
Chronic epididymitis is mainly manifested by hidden pain and a sinking feeling in the affected scrotum, which can be treated by taking herbal medicines to relieve inflammation and pain, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. If drugs are ineffective, select surgical removal if necessary. 
Therefore, when patients find out that they have the disease, early detection and treatment are essential, do not delay and cause serious. When treating epididymitis, it is necessary to follow your doctor's instructions, take the correct medication and remember the contraindications for epididymitis.
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