How to Relieve Epididymitis Pain While Walking?

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Epididymitis is common among men. If men develop the disease of epididymitis, they will usually experience painful redness and swelling on one side, painful discomfort in urination, fever, etc. And as the condition worsens, this pain will make patients suffer a lot. Therefore, knowing the treatment methods for pain caused by epididymitis is necessary. 

Some male patients are curious to know how to solve the problem if they have pain in the epididymis while walking. This depends on the extent of the patient's disease before good advice can be given.
Why do epididymitis patients feel pain when walking? 
This is because walking and standing for a long time may lead to a large amount of exudation in the epididymis. In walking, exercise causes the epididymal tissue to form a specific linkage phenomenon. Therefore, the pain of walking is mainly due to the involvement of the epididymis tissue, which aggravates the congestion and edema of the epididymis. So patients with epididymitis should try to walk less or even not walk.
Epididymitis, in general, is divided into acute epididymitis and chronic epididymitis. The pain will be unbearable for patients with acute epididymitis because the condition is acute, and the symptoms are usually severe. At this time, patients are advised to rest in bed and not to walk. 
For the treatment of chronic epididymitis, because the condition develops slowly or not seriously, the pain may not be severe. Still, the patient is better off resting in bed to reduce the external stimulation to the affected area. Only by judging the actual condition can the pain be relieved as soon as possible.
In general, in situations to treat the pain caused by epididymitis, the feasible options include the following aspects:
1. General treatment. Patients with epididymitis can rest more in bed at ordinary times and hold up the scrotum, effectively relieving the painful symptoms. If the pain is severe, local hyperthermia can be used to relieve the symptoms, effectively promoting the regression of inflammation. But it is important to note that, in the early stages, patients should not take the way of heat therapy, which may aggravate the pain symptoms. In the early stage, patients can take the ice pack for local cold compress with better relief effects.
2. Physical therapy. Men can apply hot compresses to the held scrotum, physical therapy, and hot water baths. These physical therapy methods can help improve painful symptoms. If epididymitis pain is still severe and affects patients' daily life and work, they should go to the hospital for immediate treatment.
3. Medicine treatment. Men can take some medicines to relieve the pain symptoms in daily life, but patients should keep in mind that they are not suggested to take drugs at will, which may delay the disease or cause health risks. It is better to take medicine under the guidance of a doctor. In the acute phase, oral or intravenous antibiotics can be selected. After remission, antibiotics should be continued for 1-2 weeks to remove the root of the disease. 
Patients can also take natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which has a good effect on promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis, and relieving pain. It can effectively relieve patients' pain and eliminate the symptoms related to epididymitis in the patient's body, and it will not harm the body.
4. Pay attention to diet. If patients with epididymitis want to recover quickly, they must take care of their diet. Patients should keep a light diet and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. They can drink more water and urinate more. In addition, patients should not smoke, drink or eat spicy foods in case of aggravating the disease.
The harm caused by epididymitis is severe. If not treated in time, it may turn into chronic inflammation and is easy to relapse. It can cause the epididymis swelling and pain and even spread to other organs. So once men find themselves with the symptoms of epididymitis, they may try the above treatment methods. If the condition seems severe, patients should go to the doctor early.
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