What Should I Do If My Testicles Become Hard and Large Due to Epididymitis?

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In our life, many patients, because of infection of bacteria or ignoring cleanliness, result in epididymitis and testicular swelling hard lump, which makes patients very uncomfortable. Patients need to go to a regular hospital in time for examination and treatment. Patients need to use drugs to control inflammation and improve blood circulation. People should be aware of managing swollen testis with hard masses in patients with epididymitis.

In addition to drugs, patients with epididymitis and swollen testicle lump also pay attention to maintaining a light diet. If the diet is very greasy and spicy, it can aggravate the inflammation and make the patient's disease more serious. So to cooperate with the treatment, patients can not eat hot pots, barbecues, fried chicken, French fries, etc. Patients can drink more green vegetable porridge and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.
Patients with swollen testicles and hard lumps may consider using hot compresses to promote blood circulation. At the same time, patients can gently massage the affected area with their hands to help the lumps dissipate. But you have to be careful not to massage too hard. Otherwise, you may damage the skin. Some patients may also consider using herbal tonics to promote blood circulation to help eliminate inflammation and remove toxins.
To sum up, many people with epididymitis may have testicular enlargement and hard lumps that need timely treatment. Patients can not only consider the hospital to seek the help of doctors but also consider the use of traditional Chinese medicine treatment. 
Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a traditional Chinese medicine for treating male urogenital diseases. It has the functions of clearing away heat and toxic material, promoting blood circulation and Qi to relieve pain, promoting diuresis and reducing stranguria. The treatment effect of epididymitis is very significant. Patients should choose the appropriate treatment according to their condition. In the course of treatment, patients should pay attention to light diet, do not eat greasy and spicy foods that can easily excessive internal heat.
The harms of testis swelling and hardening in epididymitis:
When it comes to epididymitis, most men have heard of it and know that it causes the body to experience swollen and hardened testicles. Even though the symptoms are obvious, some men still think the inflammation is just a temporary problem that will disappear without dealing with it. In this case, patients have to understand the harm of epididymitis to the body and life and pay attention to treatment when suffering from epididymitis to ensure that the testicles return to a healthy state.
1. Leaving the body in an uncomfortable state. When patients suffer from epididymitis, they will have the symptoms of swollen and hardened testicles, and the epididymis will also have obvious pain. In such a case, the patient's body and living conditions will be disrupted, drastically reducing the quality of life.
2. The fertility of the patient is affected. If the patient's epididymitis is mild, the patient's sexual function will be affected to a certain extent. If the patient's epididymitis is particularly serious, it will inhibit the mobility of sperm in the body and reduce the motility of sperm. In such a case, the patient's body will be in a state of no sperm or dead sperm, which will also affect the patient's fertility and even make the patient unable to have children.
3. Affect the health of the spouse. After a man suffers from epididymitis, not only the sexual life of the couple will be affected, but also the spouse will suffer from gynecological inflammation. Therefore, patients should take effective measures to treat epididymitis and avoid sexual intercourse during the treatment period so as to ensure the gynecological health of their spouses.
4. The testicles are affected. Since the epididymis and the testis are connected, the testis will usually become inflamed when the epididymis becomes inflamed. In some patients, the testicle may become enlarged and hardened, while in others, the testicle may become shrunken or painful. No matter which one of the effects is, it is more harmful than good for the patient.
After understanding the harm of epididymitis to men's health, patients can deeply realize how serious the harm of epididymitis is in the end. Therefore, once the body has suspected epididymitis symptoms, patients should immediately go to the hospital for examination and take appropriate treatment. In this way, the inflammation will be completely removed, and the swelling of the testicles will fade away gradually.
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