3 notes for men to treat chronic epididymitis

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Chronic epididymitis is the common disease among inflates, school age child, adolescent, childbearing age men or even medium-elderly men. The disease are very common during any period of men. Young patients mostly suffer from acute mumps, and middle-aged and elder.

Chronic epididymitis is a high incidence disease of men, and its incidence populations may be toddlers, school-age children, adolescents, and even medium-elderly men.That is to say chronic epididymitis can occur in any period of men. Mostly young patients had a history of acute mumps, while the mostly elderly patients had some genitourinary tract infections or the epididymis or testis had trauma surgery, strike and so on in the near future. During the treatment of chronic epididymitis, in addition to selecting a good treatment, 3 notes men should pay attention to.
First, men need to have a good rest and avoid violent activities. This is mainly for patients in infancy and school age child with chronic epididymitis, and this note can be well done by adults. Patients in early childhood or school age are very live, so it is difficult to make them have a good rest. For this reason, their parents should take care of them thoughtfully, and do not allow them to run more, multi-hop and even go to the crowded places.
Secondly, men are prohibited taking alcohol,tobacco as well as spicy foods. This is mainly for adults as early childhood or school-age boys can be taken well care of by their parents. The reason why patients should prohibit tobacco and alcohol is that they can affect the pesticide effect during the treatment.
Third, adult men should avoid excessive sex, wash the perineum after sex and wear loose cotton underwear. Excessive sex easily lead to prostate congestion, which is not conducive to the recovery of this disease; while cleaning the perineum and genitals can avoid bacteria, inflammation and infections; loose, breathable and cotton underwear mainly allow the scrotum, testicles in an "air" state, which is not conducive to microbial growth.
These are the measures during the treatment of chronic epididymitis, in fact, this is not just the treatment period should be noted that during the period of recovery after cure, which more attention should be put in place measures that only strict doctor's advice, in order to make the disease recover within the expected.
The above mentioned 3 notes men should pay attention during the treatment of chronic epididymitis. In fact, these notes men should pay attention not only during the treatment but also after the period of recovery. Only when patients pay attention to these notes and strictly follow doctor's advice can their disease get soon recovery.
It is noteworthy that if the long-delayed chronic epididymitis can not get cured, it is likely to be associated with epididymal nodules and cysts. If the nodules and cysts is bigger than 5 cm, and they have no fertility requirements, patients can take surgery treatment to remove it; however, if it is less than 5 cm, and patients have fertility requirements, patients can take the conservative herbal medicine diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill to get a cure.