What examinations are applied to diagnose epididymitis?

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 As the symptoms of epididymitis patients appear much like other reproductive diseases symptoms without specificity, doctors will take some tests to help the final diagnosis of epididymitis. Today, Dr. Lee, the physician of Wuhan Dr. Lee's TCM clinic, will introduce that what examinations men need take for diagnosing epididymitis? 

When epididymitis patients are in the acute period, the pain of affected area  may be on one side or both sides of the epididymis; Besides, the patients have significant swelling of testis and scrotum; their skin may have redness, fever and tenderness when touched. And the feeling of pain will spread to the seminal vesicles, lower abdomen and perineum along with the length of the disease. When they touch the epididymis by hands, the patient may touch different sizes of the tumor or induration on it.
Besides,the patients are also recommended to do laboratory tests such as secretions, blood tests and so on. Among them, the secretions can be prostatic fluid, semen and so on. The blood test can be found increased  WBC, neutrophils and lymphocyte to confirm whether the disease is viral or bacterial epididymitis. Accordingly, the patients can also take the mycoplasma, chlamydia or gonorrhea to decide the next treatment.
In addition, the patients are advised to take the B ultrasound to determine whether the lesions are epididymal head, tail or the whole epididymis; it can determine the power degree of echo and the condition of adhesions with the surrounding structures, which can know the overall situation of the epididymis and determine whether there is hydrocele of tunica vaginalis, epididymis hydrocele and so on.
Moreover, for the patients who can not be confirmed or considered in having other diseases, they can consider doing CT and MRI. Epididymitis patients can appear diffuse lesions or localized lesions. Among which, the localized lesions mostly may appear epididymal cysts, abscesses, etc. The CT examination is to understand whether there is retroperitoneal metastasis or vicious and so on. 
Warm tips: 
The above mentioned is the examinations to diagnose epididymitis. Of course, to make a confirmed diagnosis, the symptoms and medical history of the patients can also be considered. For patients diagnosed as epididymitis, they can take the oral herbal medicine diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill to treat their disease, especially for patients with failed surgery or antibiotics treatment.