5 Food Therapies Help Epididymitis Patients Get Faster Recovery

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Epididymitis is an infectious disease in the scrotum. Bacteria enter the epididymis through urine, seminal vesicle, prostate, and vas deferens, thus triggering epididymitis, leading to pain in the patient's small abdomen, frequent urination, and urgency. Patients may as well drive away epididymitis through diet therapy.

What does the diet therapy method of epididymitis have?
Diet 1. Green Beans, Kelp and Rice Congee
It requires 20g kelp, 60g mung beans, 40g rice, and a proper amount of white sugar. First, put the kelp and mung beans in a pot and boil them. After the mung beans are cooked on a high fire, put the rice into a porridge and then add white sugar to stir evenly. This method has the effect of dispersing knots, reducing swelling, and removing dampness, and is suitable for epididymitis caused by phlegm dampness.
Diet 2. Pig Feet and Mung Bean Soup
It requires 70g of mung beans, 15g of dried orange peel, and 400g of pig's hooves. Wash all the above materials. First, put the pig's feet in boiling water and blanch them for 10 minutes. Put all the above materials in the pot and cook them for 4 hours. Finally, add the flavor of spices. Take them three times a day. This method has the effect of nourishing yin, clearing heat, and detoxifying, and it is suitable for orchitis caused by the accumulation of dampness and heat.
Diet 3. Tomato and Red Bean Soup
Prepare a fresh tomato, 150g red bean, and 50g black fungus. First, put the red bean in the pot and boil it for half an hour. Put the fungus into the pot, cook it, and then put the sliced tomato. This method has the effect of dispersing blood and reducing swelling and is suitable for epididymitis caused by congestion.
Diet 4. Pigeon soup with orange peel and green beans
You need two small pigeons, 60 grams of green beans, 15 grams of dried orange peel, 50 grams of raw Rehmannia, and 200 grams of lean pork. First, wash the raw Rehmannia and green beans, clean the small pigeons, put them in boiling water, and boil them for 10 minutes to get them out. Put all the above materials in the pot, cook them in high heat, and then boil them in low heat for 4 hours. Finally, add seasoning flavor. Take them twice a day, 200 grams each time. This method has the effects of detoxification, yang tonifying, heat-clearing, and dampness removal and is suitable for testicular pain and erectile dysfunction caused by orchitis.
Diet 5. Tender Luffa Congee
It requires 150 grams of rice and 300 grams of tender loofah. First, peel and wash the loofah and cut it into pieces. Put the washed rice in the pot and boil it into porridge. When it is half cooked, add an appropriate amount of spices and boil the loofah for half an hour. This method has the effects of cooling blood, detoxifying, removing heat, and promoting intestines. It can help treat epididymitis and hemorrhoids, and hematochezia.
The above is about the five food therapy methods beneficial to patients with epididymitis. Although food therapy is effective, it can only play an auxiliary role in treating epididymitis. Patients still need to use targeted drugs to treat them so that they can be completely cured.
In general, patients with acute epididymitis can be cured by using a sufficient amount of antibiotics. And patients with chronic epididymitis can take natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to eliminate symptoms and treat the disease without antibiotic resistance.
In addition, patients also need to avoid sitting for a long time and holding their urine. Keep a good living condition and take proper exercise to strengthen the body. The diet should be light and avoid spicy and stimulating food. When there is a disease, it should be treated in time, without delay, and actively.
We hope you can find and treat as soon as possible and prevent diseases before they occur to avoid more severe consequences.
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