What to Do With Epididymitis? Yoga Poses Help A Lot

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Epididymitis is a common male disease, and its incidence is still rising in recent years. When the body's resistance decreases for various reasons, pathogenic bacteria can take advantage of the opportunity to cause epididymitis. It is easy for male patients to suffer from epididymitis when they are sedentary for a long time, consume a lot of spicy and excitatory food, drink a lot of alcohol, have frequent intercourse, and suffer from other diseases such as chronic bacterial prostatitis and vesiculitis. In clinical practice, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be a good treatment for epididymitis.

Under the medication, some soothing exercises can play a perfect therapeutic effect. Moderate exercise can improve the body's immunity and resistance, which is helpful in promoting the early recovery of health. Patients with epididymitis can usually do exercises that are not strenuous, such as walking and yoga.
So which yoga poses are more suitable for patients with epididymitis?
1. Butterfly pose (warm body)
Function: When you are anxious and stressed about life, practicing yoga can slowly calm your mood.
1) Sit down. Bend your feet and put your left and right palms together.
2) Hold your ankles in your hands and lean forward until your body touches the ground.
3) Breathe slowly and deeply for 3 times and get up by the strength of your waist.
2. Bull’s head pose
Function: It can straighten the spine, improve the stiffness of hands, feet and shoulders and sciatica, strengthen kidney function and improve sexual ability.
1) Sit down and straighten both legs forward.
2) Cross your left foot over your right thigh and place the palm of your left foot beside your right thigh.
(At this time, the right calf should be under the left thigh, the right palm of the foot pressed under the left buttock)
3) Pay attention to the straight body, and the knees of the feet should be stacked together.
4) Left hand backward on the backbone, the right hand upward downward backward bending, slowly clasp the left hand.
5) Eyes on the front point, natural breathing, maintain 5 seconds.
6) Relax and return to the original action. Switch sides and do it again.
3. Camel pose
Function: To strengthen the spine and tailbone and relieve back pain.
1) Kneel with your legs shoulder-width apart.
2) Grab your ankles with your hands, and your body is in an arch shape.
3) Hip forward; keep your legs perpendicular to the ground.
4) Breathe deeply for 3 times and slowly get up by the waist.
It is possible to do exercise after recovering from epididymitis. For patients with epididymitis, doing yoga is very helpful in relieving the condition. Choosing the right exercise program according to your physical condition and controlling the exercise time will not harm your health.
Patients also need to develop good living habits and eating habits. In general life, you should ensure you get enough sleep and should not overwork or stay up late for a long time. Otherwise, it will lead to a decrease in immunity. You should eat more nutritious food, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, soy products, lean meat, milk, etc. 
Usually, ensure you drink enough water and develop the habit of drinking more water and urinating more often, which not only helps your metabolism but also promotes the discharge of inflammatory substances from your body. It helps a lot to prevent diseases such as urethritis and cystitis.
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