How to Relieve Testicular Pain at Home?

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In ordinary life, orchitis may not be familiar to many people. However, it is common among male diseases. This disease brings much harm to patients both physically and mentally. Therefore, many male patients are concerned about this disease. Orchitis can bring discomfort to male patients, such as pain. It is essential to treat this disease promptly, so what can orchitis patients do at home to relieve the testicular pain?

Pain relief in the testicles depends on what causes it. Commonly, there are three types of orchitis. 
The first is inflammation of the testicles. The patient needs to go to the hospital for the doctor's guidance on medication. Relief can be achieved with antibiotic therapy combined with microwave physiotherapy. If it is severe, it needs to be treated with an infusion. If it is mild, it can be treated with oral medicine. 
The second is testicular torsion, which is an emergency. If there is pain, the patient must apply cold compresses and then go to the hospital for emergency surgery after a precise diagnosis. 
The third is mostly caused by trauma. After the pain occurs, the patient can do an ultrasound first to see if there is a testicular rupture. With a precise diagnosis, the patient can use painkillers for relief.
If the testicular pain is said to be caused by inflammation, the patient can take the traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which has the main effects of moving Qi, relieving pain, being diuretic, and drenching. This medicine is effective in treating prostatitis as well as other urinary system conditions such as epididymitis, cystitis, urinary tract infections, etc.
Orchitis can be divided into acute orchitis and chronic orchitis. The main symptoms of acute orchitis are rapid onset, high fever, chills, pain in the scrotum on the affected side, skin tightness, redness, swelling, urinary urgency, frequent urination, obvious pressure pain, and can be complicated by syringomyelia; chronic orchitis usually has no systemic symptoms, and the testicles gradually swell and form hard nodes. As can be seen, an obvious sign of orchitis is pain.
To relieve these painful symptoms, the patient has to do daily maintenance well; the specific practices are as follows:
1. Male patients with orchitis should develop a routine and keep the bowel movement smooth. These conditions can contribute to the recovery of the disease.
2. Before the orchitis is cured, male patients had better avoid too much sex to avoid causing testicular hyperemia edema and aggravating the condition.
3. For patients with acute orchitis, a cold compress can be used at home to reduce edema and relieve pain effectively. It is important to note that patients with chronic orchitis should make a hot compress.
4. Male patients with orchitis should get enough bed rest in the acute period. In their everyday life, they must pay attention to drinking more water. Besides, In life, it is best to hold up the scrotum, thereby reducing the patient's scrotal swelling feeling.
5. Male patients must avoid eating spicy and stimulating foods and smoking. They should not drink much and stay up late, which can alleviate the symptoms of the disease.
6. According to the advice of specialist doctors, male patients had better drink mung bean soup because this soup has the effects of clearing heat, dampness, and detoxification. Drinking mung bean soup is conducive to the rehabilitation of orchitis.
If men develop orchitis, they should go to the regular hospital in time to find out the cause and get symptomatic treatment. Men should also do nursing work well to relieve the pain of orchitis.
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