Can Orchitis Affect Sex? Low Sexual Desire?

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Orchitis can affect sex and lead to low sexual desire. The testicles are a vital reproductive organ for male friends. Orchitis is a relatively common disease in men, mainly caused by infection with bacteria and viruses. 


The acute attack of orchitis can cause systemic symptoms, such as chills, fever, vomiting, noticeable swelling of the scrotum on the affected side, and redness, fever, and pain in the skin of the scrotum. The spermatic cord, testicles, and epididymis in the scrotum have apparent swelling and pain. The pain will radiate to the perineum and the lower abdomen. At the same time, there may be bladder irritation during the attack period of orchitis.

Therefore, in this case, men must have no desire and are unwilling to have sexual intercourse, but after treatment, the symptoms will be relieved, and the sexual desire will return to normal.

Many people ignore their health for various reasons, resulting in orchitis. Once the inflammation of the male testicles is induced by the infection of external bacteria and germs, it needs to arouse your attention. It is recommended to go to a regular hospital for scientific examination and targeted treatment.

If you suffer from orchitis, you must be actively treated. If you don't get adequate treatment, it will impact all aspects of men.

Orchitis is very harmful to men, mainly manifested in:

1. Induce physical diseases. If men suffer from orchitis without timely treatment or regular treatment, they will induce a series of physical diseases, such as varicocele, prostatitis, nephritis and urogenital infections, which need to be paid attention to.

2. Damage the male reproductive organs. Failure to treat orchitis in time will aggravate the condition, which will endanger men's reproductive health and increase the difficulty of treatment. The invasion of inflammation of the testicles will lead to epididymal edema and congestion, which will lead to insufficient blood supply to the testicles or the rupture of blood vessels, causing testicular necrosis and seriously endangering the health of the male reproductive organs.

3. Affect male fertility. Because Inflammatory infection of the male testis will directly destroy the quality and quantity of sperm, thus inducing oligospermia, azoospermia, etc. In sexual life, men will transmit testicular inflammation to their sexual partners, resulting in gynecological inflammation in sexual partners, thus inducing infertility.

4. Induce sexual dysfunction diseases. Because men have been in the shadow of orchitis for a long time, they have a sense of disgust because of the condition in their sexual life, which induces impotence; men's testicles are attacked by inflammation and will be a series of complications, among which pain is a typical symptom. In sex, men are forced to be interrupted by pain, which will induce sexual dysfunction diseases such as ejaculation disorder and premature ejaculation.

How to treat orchitis?

Orchitis can be cured. Don't worry too much. There are many ways to treat orchitis. These methods have certain differences in efficacy, so patients must choose their treatment method according to their condition to achieve the purpose of cure.

1. Life treatment. You can raise the testicles to relieve pain and apply cold compresses locally.

2. In terms of drug treatment, antibiotic treatment is preferred. Sensitive antibiotics can be selected according to urine culture results, and cephalosporin antibiotics can be empirically applied to intravenous drips. If mycoplasma and chlamydia infection cannot be excluded, it is recommended to add azithromycin or levofloxacin. Usually, after the symptoms are relieved, you should continue to take antibiotics orally for some time. 

At the same time, for patients with chronic orchitis, you can take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to clear heat and detoxify, diminish inflammation and relieve pain.

3. If there is a testicular abscess, consider the incision and drainage of the testicular abscess. If the disease concurs with testicular necrosis, consider hysterectomy, but hysterectomy should be done with caution.

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