Can Patients Smoke During the Treatment of Epididymitis

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Patients with epididymitis generally cannot smoke during treatment. Smoking may aggravate the disease and also have some impact on the health of the body.


Epididymitis is a common disease in young adults. When the body resistance is low, pathogenic bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus, and Streptococcus will enter the vas deferens and retrogradely invade the epididymis, causing inflammation. This disease is often secondary to post-urethritis, prostatitis, and seminal vesiculitis. Therefore, patients with epididymitis need to use drugs in time under the guidance of doctors.


Epididymitis is mostly caused by repeated stimulation of chronic inflammation. After the onset of the disease, it may cause swelling and pain in the scrotum, accompanied by frequent and painful urination. Tobacco contains a large amount of nicotine and many other harmful substances. 

If you smoke during the onset of disease, it may cause the swelling symptoms of the scrotum to worsen, which is not conducive to the recovery of the disease, and also cause damage to the quality of sperm. 

In addition, if you smoke for a long time, it will also impact your health, affect your lung function, and induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Therefore, patients with epididymitis are usually not allowed to smoke during treatment and need to quit smoking in time.


In addition to smoking, patients with epididymitis should also pay attention to the following items in daily life:


1. Do not eat spicy and stimulating food, such as onion, pepper, pepper, Chinese prickly ash, mustard, or fennel. These foods aggravate inflammation, and epididymitis is challenging to cure. Patients with epididymitis can neither smoke nor drink. Many young people now smoke or drink. If they have epididymitis, they should quit smoking and alcohol. At the same time, such excitable drinks as coffee cannot be drunk.

Refrain from eating raw and cold food at ordinary times. Try to eat fewer so-called irritating products such as pig's hoof, fish soup and mutton. These foods will cause more secretion in the inflamed areas, and orchitis will further infiltrate, spread, and aggravate symptoms. The diet is mainly to eat less spicy and stimulating food, smoke less, drink less, stay up late, and obey the doctor's advice, and generally will be fine.

Patients with epididymitis must improve their dietary structure and prevent the intake of high-cholesterol foods. Try to eat less meat with high cholesterol, such as pigs, cattle, and sheep, and eat more meat with low cholesterol, such as chicken and fish. Avoid smoking, alcohol, and spicy stimulation. Avoid excessive drinking and smoking, and eat less pungent food such as spicy acid to prevent local hyperemia of the epididymis.


2. In the acute stage of epididymitis, you should rest in bed, raise the scrotum, hold the scrotum with a cloth strap or scrotum, and avoid physical labor. In the acute phase, a cold compress can relieve congestion, edema, and pain symptoms. A hot compress or hot water sitz bath can be used in the chronic phase. For patients with fertility requirements, hot water sitz baths must be prohibited. 

Keep the scrotum clean to reduce the chance of infection. In addition, sexual life must be prohibited in the acute phase. When patients with chronic epididymitis have no acute attack or the symptoms of chronic epididymitis are not obvious, they can have proper sexual life. But you must pay attention to the frequency of sexual life and the strength of sexual life.


3. Patients with epididymitis can usually take appropriate exercise to improve local blood circulation, which is conducive to the dissipation and absorption of inflammation. It is necessary to choose sports with a small amount of exercise and avoid squeezing injury of the scrotum and epididymis, such as walking, tai chi, etc.

It is not recommended to do strenuous running, heavy physical work, etc., because a large amount of exercise will lead to increased congestion in the epididymis and may also cause additional damage to the epididymis during exercise, affecting the recovery of epididymitis. Do not wear tights, which can prevent extra compression injury of the epididymis. 

At the same time, it is necessary to cooperate with the clinical treatment of sufficient courses of medication, which can prevent the recurrence of epididymitis.

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