There Is a Lump In the Testicles, What's Going On?

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Small lumps in the testicles may be testicular tumors, epididymal cysts, epididymitis or orchitis, and scar nodules.


1. Testicular tumor. The main manifestations of testicular tumors are: the testicles of most patients are enlarged to different degrees, and sometimes, the testicles are entirely replaced by tumors, with a hard texture and normal elasticity disappearing. The surface is smooth in the early stage, and in the late stage, the surface can be nodular. A lump-like mass can be palpable by touching the scrotum. The tumor can adhere to the scrotum, even break, and the scrotum skin can be dark red. Some patients have an acute onset and may have testicular pain, redness, and fever.

2. Epididymis cyst. An epididymal cyst is a benign cystic mass that occurs in the epididymis. Epididymal cysts are most likely to occur in adolescent males. The most common sites are the head, tail, or whole epididymis, most of which are unilateral. When the cyst is located at or near the head of the epididymis, a round, smooth, elastic, and painless mass can be palpable in the scrotum. Because the epididymis is adjacent to the anatomical position of the testis, it may be mistaken for a lump-like mass in the testis.

Patients with epididymal cysts often have no obvious conscious symptoms. Most of them are found during an ultrasound examination. Some patients may have symptoms of testicular pain.

3. Epididymitis or orchitis. When epididymitis or orchitis occurs, the scrotum on the affected side has swelling pain, and a sinking feeling. There is traction pain in the lower abdomen and groin, which is aggravated when standing or walking. The affected epididymis is swollen with evident tenderness. When the scope of inflammation is large, both the epididymis and the testis are swollen, and the boundary between the two is unclear, which may be mistaken for a lump-like mass in the testis.

4. It may be scar nodules formed after trauma, which all have a history of trauma, such as hematoma, trauma, etc.

If you can't distinguish the above situation by yourself, it is best to go to the hospital for an examination as soon as possible. Let the doctor help judge and then take targeted treatment measures.

The causes of testicular lumps are different, and the treatment methods are also different.

1.The disease needs surgical treatment first if it is a testicular tumor. According to the testicular tumor tissue type and clinical stage, appropriate follow-up treatment plans will be developed, including chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Conducting a local puncture biopsy and using radical orchiectomy after diagnosis is recommended. 

For patients who have not given birth, if the scope of the tumor is small, local testicular resection can be considered. But, long-term close follow-up is required to observe whether there are signs of local recurrence or metastasis of the testicular tumor.

2. If it is an epididymal cyst, this condition can be diagnosed by a B-ultrasound examination of the epididymis. If the diagnosis shows that the pimple is less than 5mm, it can be treated with oral drugs, such as prednisone tablets and Relinqing capsules, for two to four weeks, and the pimple will gradually disappear. If the pimple is larger than 5mm, it is generally recommended to undergo surgical treatment. Thorough resection is safer. Otherwise, it is easy to cause repeated inflammatory infections.

3. Orchitis or epididymitis causes small local pimples. It is recommended to use 2g of cefoxitin sodium for injection intravenously at the early stage of inflammation twice a day for a continuous week.

In addition, a dexamethasone injection of 5mg can be used intravenously in the first three days of inflammation, once a day, for three consecutive days. After three days, a dexamethasone injection of 2mg can be used intravenously, once a day, and dexamethasone can be stopped after three consecutive days.

Moreover, chronic orchitis or epididymitis can be relieved by oral herbal medicine such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to alleviate inflammation and pain, clear heat and detoxify.

4. If the testicular part of the patient is damaged and causes small pimples, it can be smeared with erythromycin ointment, aureomycin ointment, iodophor, and other methods under the guidance of the doctor.

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