Does Patients with Acute Epididymitis Need Infusion Al the Time?

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The common causes of epididymitis are bacterial and viral infections. Once this disease occurs, it will cause serious complications. Often, it can cause prostatitis and even varicocele. After suffering from this disease, patients should adjust their psychological state and cope well. There are many ways to treat infections. Drug therapy is widespread, and there are various forms. 


Do patients with acute epididymitis need infusion all the time?


Epididymitis can be treated by infusion, which can better play the curative effect of drugs. Generally speaking, epididymitis can be controlled by infusion treatment, and the symptoms of testicular pain and swelling can be eliminated. 

There is also a time limit for treating orchitis with fluids. It takes about 7 days to control the inflammatory lesions of epididymitis completely, then people's disease comes into the recovery stage. The duration of infusion for epididymitis should not exceed seven days. If the effect of 7 days infusion is not alleviated in time, another method must be taken.


In the face of this disease, we should take adequate response measures. Infusion for seven days can greatly relieve people's condition and have a great curative effect. 


What treatment options are there other than infusion?

Acute epididymitis is often treated with drugs. Commonly used drugs are cephalosporin antibiotics, azithromycin antibiotics, and so on. Acute epididymitis was treated with pain relief.

1. Pad the scrotum: 

Elevating the scrotum can speed blood flow to the epididymis and surrounding tissues, accelerate inflammation dissipation, and reduce pain. Patients need to be in bed, roll up the towel and the pad under the scrotum, and can a professional scrotum support or elastic net to suspend the scrotum to raise the scrotum.

2. Pain relievers: 

When the pain of acute epididymitis is severe, patients can take oral pain relievers to relieve pain, such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, etc. In addition, if oral painkillers do not work, spermatic cord closure can be performed. Pain is reduced by injecting 0.5% lidocaine into the scrotum, so the drug reaches directly near the epididymis for local anesthesia.

3. Antibiotic therapy: 

Pathogen removal is the key to the treatment of acute epididymitis. Before the pathogen type is clear, the drug is generally used according to experience. After the pathogen is clear, the drug can be targeted. Commonly used antibiotics include cephalosporin, quinolones, azithromycin, and so on. If the inflammatory secretion of the epididymis is not flowing freely, forming an epididymal abscess, it needs to be cut and drained in time, then treated with antibiotics.

4. Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment

If acute epididymitis is poorly treated, it will be transformed into chronic epididymitis. Then patients are recommended to use traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic And Anti-inflammatory Pill. It is effective in the treatment of chronic epididymitis. It can also kill bacteria, relieve inflammation, resist disease, and stop pain. And once cured, the disease will not recur. 


In the face of epididymitis, men must pay attention to their state of mind and diet and develop good eating habits.

Diet notice for epididymitis patients

1. Focus on a bland diet. Patients with epididymitis mainly eat a bland diet. More green and light vegetables and fruits should be used to protect people's health. 


2. Do not eat spicy and stimulating food. Patients with epididymitis should control their eating habits and eat less spicy and stimulating food to reduce better the factors that induce the disease.


Epididymitis must be better for treatment. Otherwise, it will produce inflammatory lesions on people's testicles, and the impact is also relatively bad. After illness, patients should learn to control the etiology and find the effective etiology for treatment to remove the focus and protect their bodies completely.

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