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Can People With Type 1 Diabetic Take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill?

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Patients with type 1 diabetic can take Diuretic and Anti inflammatory Pill, but it doesn’t aim at blood glucose or defect of insulin secretion. Also patients should obey food prohibition during treatment.

Food prohibition of patients with diabetic

1.    Saturated fat
Saturated fats, normally considered “bad” fats, are associated with risk for heart attack or a stroke, notes the ADA, and raising your cholesterol. Cardiovascular conditions are associated and heart disease is at risk at the same time so saturated fats should be avoided by diabetic patient. In a variety of deep fried foods, fatty red meats and high-fat dairy products, you can find saturated fats usually. High-fat cheeses, dessert foods, cream sauces, processed snacks, ice cream, lard, whole milk and beef liver are included. Take healthy fats found in canola oil, olive oil, fish and nuts can replace bad fats for best results.

2.    Nonstarchy and starchy foods
The amount of starchy foods you consume should be restricted or limited according to the ADA. Your glucose levels can be affected negatively by sugar which converted by high carbohydrates contained foods like white pasta, white rice, potatoes, peas and corn as starchy foods. White flour, sugar syrup, corn syrup and enriched wheat flour are also included in starchy foods. For best results, in your daily diet, you can try carrots, turnips, millet, collard greens, mustard greens, bulgur, eggplant, artichoke, oatmeal, beets, broccoli, spelt, wild rice, brown rice and whole-grain bread as foods which are incorporate nonstarchy.

3.    Simple sugars
When they enter your body, refined or simple sugary foods can transform into glucose quickly, so patients should limit or avoid their consumptions of these foods. Diabetes complications which is dangerous can be caused and your blood sugar levels can be raised by these foods. Only on occasions which are special, total grams for about 45 to 65 as small portions of sugary foods can be consumed by you, this is suggested by the ADA. Other desserts with added sugar, canned fruits, ice cream, candy and carbonated sugary drinks are included as these foods.

4.    Alcoholic Beverages
If not well controlled diabetes, high blood pressure or diabetic nerve damage is experienced by you, alcoholic beverages should be avoided. Every day, a maximum of two drinks are only allowed for men, it is recommended by ADA. Sweating, seizures, headache, dizziness can be caused by alcoholic beverages, and your blood sugar levels can be affected by it too upon consumption.

Other than that, if patients with diabetic choose other herbs to cure their diseases or complications, Diuretic and Anti inflammatory Pill is not suggested to be taken at the same time to avoid reaction of different TCMs.