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Alcohol Abuse Can Not Only Increase Heart Risks, But Also Induce Prostate Infections

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As is known to all, alcohol abuse can lead to many health conditions and it’s an unhealthy lifestyle to increase the intake of alcohol. A new study suggests that people who abuse alcohol boost their risk of three cardiac conditions: atrial fibrillation, heart attack and congestive heart failure. The possible added risk appears to be about the same as that linked to high blood pressure, smoking, obesity and diabetes, the researchers said. 

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The study was based on a database of close to 15 million Californians aged 21 and older who had outpatient surgery, emergency room treatment or inpatient hospital care between 2005 and 2009. About 2 percent had been diagnosed with alcohol abuse.
In addition to the heart risks, alcohol abuse will also increase the risk of prostate infections like prostatitis. Alcohol can hasten the blood flow so that the visceral vessels will be expanded, which will cause congestion of visceral organs. Besides, prostate is sensitive to alcohol. The higher the alcohol concentration in blood, the more swollen the prostate will be. Therefore, it’s of necessity to develop a healthy living habit and drink less alcohol to prevent the damages to body. 
Some males pay no attention to their health conditions, and take a treatment when they realized they can’t stand the discomfort any more. However, the untreated disease will cause severer damages which will make the condition more difficult to cure. Thus, once notice the sigs and symptoms of the illness, it’s very important to take a timely treatment and avoid the inducements that will worsening the condition. People who have heart diseases caused by abuse alcohol should avoid drinking alcohol so that the disease will have a better recovery. Patients shouldn’t take medications blindly, otherwise, the condition will be worse.
For males who have prostatitis caused by abuse alcohol can take herbal medicine called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It’s made from natural herbs and won’t do any harm to the body. The herbs in the pill can provide good effects on eliminating the symptoms and removing the inflammation. Since alcohol is one of the inducements of prostatitis, patients need to quit drinking during the medication treatment. Moreover, spicy food, red meat, sweets, coffee and other foods that can aggravate the symptoms should all be avoided. Lifestyle changes are also important to ensure a full recovery.