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Is chronic prostatitis serious? Can be Cured by itself?

Date:2019-04-10 click:0
Chronic prostatitis is a disease with a high incidence (4% to 25%).It has complex etiology, pathological changes and clinical symptoms. Chronic prostatitis often causes sexual dysfunction, such as decreased libido, impotence, premature ejaculation, frequent spermatorrhea, hematospermia and painful ejaculation.

It also decreases prostatic fluid secretion, resulting in reduction of semen volume and increased viscosity, so it may take a long time to discharge semen, which affects the survival and motility of sperm.

The bacteria, viruses and inflammatory secretions in prostatic fluid can consume oxygen and nutrients of semen, threating the survival of sperm; Most of the bacterial infections of prostatitis are e. coli and mycoplasma, which can cause sperm aggregation, decreased activity, reduced sperm count and increased sperm malformation, affecting the motility of sperm.
Patients with chronic prostatitis shouldn’t depend too much on self-healing capabilities of body. The patients need timely treatment for chronic prostatitis. The delay not only affects patients’ sexual function, reproductive health and normal life, but also leads to many associated complications.

Chronic prostatitis often accompany with urinary tract irritation, burning or painful urination, urgent and frequent urination, acraturesis etc. If men have similar situation, seek prostatitis medical care as soon as possible. They can get a complete cure by taking natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.  This TCM formula is regarded as a natural therapy to eliminate inflammation on the prostate gland, wipe out toxins, promote blood circulation and restore the reproductive system. Besides with its herbal ingredients, this prescription won't produce any unwanted side effects.