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What Makes Wigs So Popular?

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Alibaba e-commerce platform covers more than 220 countries and regions in the world. The platform data show that in 2018, the sales volume of wigs to European countries increased by more than 50% compared with the same period in 2017. The purchase amount increase of 10 countries such as South Africa, Nigeria, and Zambia increased rapidly from 100% to 300%. The countries with the largest number of wigs purchased by express sellers are the United States, Britain, France, South Africa, the Netherlands, and Italy.

According to the National Institute for Health and Health Optimization, hair loss is the most frequent among white people, with 30% before age 30 and 80% over age 70. In 2011, a map of baldness in the world, drawn by Trip Advisor, showed that Europe was the worst-hit area for baldness among men, with an average baldness rate of 42.79% in the Czech Republic, with Spain, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom ranking between 2 and 5. Many data prove that the world is facing hair loss crisis.
Hair loss is the result of many factors and mainly divided into two kinds. One is physiological alopecia, such as pillow baldness, postpartum alopecia, senile alopecia, and seasonal alopecia, which are normal physiological phenomena. Another is pathological alopecia. If you lose more than 100 hair per day or abruptly obvious hair loss becomes more, it may be pathological hair loss.
For example, Prince William inherited the family baldness gene, the condition of hair loss is becoming more and more severe, affected by the living environment, lifestyle, infectious factors, and mental factors. So what are the main factors for hair loss?

Four major causes of hair loss:
Iron deficiency can lead to anemia, and red blood cells decrease, the amount of blood oxygen obtained by the scalp also decreases, hair follicles are in a hungry state, eventually leading to hair loss. It is recommended to drink fruit juice and eat iron-rich foods to restore hair development.
Thyroid disease
The first symptom of thyroid dysfunction is hair loss. Too much or too little thyroid hormone affects metabolism and normal hair development. Because all hair follicles are affected, hair loss is not a local phenomenon.
Stress syndrome
Stress can lead to white hair in advance. When the pressure is high, the release of many hormones will affect the absorption of B vitamins and the deposition of hair pigments. Stress syndrome can lead to deficiencies in the immune system of baldness, which can attack scalp cells, cause hair loss, psychological relaxation, and taking compound vitamin B can improve the problem of prematurely white hair. 
In addition, if men have long-term pressure, it will lead to a gradual decline in disease resistance, and more vulnerable to bacterial infection, leading to the occurrence of prostatitis, and oral herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has a very good effect on chronic prostatitis, at the same time patients should relax, do not give yourself too much pressure.

Dietary disorder
Cutting down on food intake will lead to a decrease in scalp blood flow, which will affect the normal development of hair, and in serious cases will lead to hair loss, gloss, or even shedding. Experts say the hair loss is rarely permanent, but maintaining a balanced diet and taking foods in more protein like almond, beans, eggs, and raisins, which are key to preventing abnormal hair loss.
At the same time, hair transplantation has been widely used in recent years, which can significantly improve the appearance of hair loss areas in the short term. Hair weaving and wig transplantation can also significantly improve the appearance of hair loss.