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It Is Found that Scallion and Garlic Are Good for Prostate Health

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Recently, studies have shown that men can reduce the risk of prostate cancer by 50% by eating a small number of bulb vegetables every day. The results showed that regular consumption of scallionand garlic was also good for the prevention of BPH and prostatitis.

Recently, medical experts in Italy carried out a survey of the living habits of patients with BPH. There are two questions about the intake of scallion and garlic. The results showed that the amount and frequency of various vegetables, especially scallion and garlic, were lower in BPH patients.
The results suggest that garlic containing foods can inhibit the production of joint enzymes in cholesterol and fatty acid synthesis, while cholesterol levels are directly related to steroid hormone synthesis and prostate hyperplasia. The symptoms of some patients with BPH who took garlic extract were effectively improved.
According to the epidemiological survey, the number of patients with BPH is more in Europe and America, but less in Asia, especially in China. Experts believe that this is probably related to the frequent intake of scallion and garlic in the Chinese diet.
The study found that garlic and a small amount of vitamin B1 together can produce a substance called allilamine. This substance not only enhances the function of vitamin B1 but also plays a stronger role than vitamin B1. Scallion contains a kind of composition called "prostaglandin A."

If you eat it often, the accumulated prostaglandin A can relax the small blood vessels and promote the blood circulation, so it plays an important role in preventing prostatic diseases.

From the TCM point of view, it is believed that scallion and garlic can eliminate the stagnation of Qi and blood, which is helpful to the circulation of blood and Qi for the blocking and proliferative diseases, as well as the people who are prone to stagnation. And the above research can be said to provide clinical evidence.
This study shows that patients with BPH can often eat scallion and garlic, pumpkin seeds, tomatoes (this study also points out that tomatoes, which are often used as seasoning in spaghetti, also plays an important role for many people to stay away from prostate diseases), white gourd seeds, red beans and other targeted foods for prostate maintenance.
In addition, although the disease occurs in the prostate, it is likely to be accompanied by the decline of other system functions. Therefore, we should try our best to make a wide range of recipes, not to be picky about food, so as to produce a balanced force for each system in the body and enter the benign cycle as a whole.

However, for patients who have been diagnosed with prostate diseases such as prostatitis, it is recommended not to use this kind of food because of spicy stimulation, which will cause vasodilation and organ congestion, reduce the resistance of the prostate, and may also allow a large number of bacteria living in the prostate to grow and multiply, induce acute prostatitis, or aggravate the symptoms of chronic prostatitis.
And for the patients taking medicine, garlic will not only make the medicine invalid but also may have a chain reaction with the medicine, aggravating the condition, so the patients taking medicine should not eat garlic.
Food therapy is difficult to achieve the purpose of thorough treatment, so it can only be used as an auxiliary treatment, not as a fundamental treatment. Antibiotics are a common method, but the common antibiotics can not penetrate into prostate tissue, the concentration reaching the gland body is low, the bactericidal concentration can not be reached, and the side effects are large, easy to produce drug resistance.
Improper use of drugs blindly will aggravate the condition of chronic prostatitis. Therefore, patients might as well try the Chinese herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which is made up of more than 50 kinds of natural herbs without any drug resistance.

The efficacy of Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can penetrate the prostate membrane, directly work on the lesion, remove the inflammation of the reproductive, urinary tract thoroughly, restore the normal function of the prostate, and alleviate the discomfort of the reproductive and urinary organs.

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