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What Are the Symptoms of Novel Coronavirus Infection?

Date:2020-02-20 click:0

A kind of coronavirus isolated from the lower respiratory tract of patients with unknown cause pneumonia in Wuhan has been identified as a novel coronavirus. On February 12th, WHO officially named COVID-19 to replace the 2019-nCoV, which was widely circulated before.
With the development of the epidemic situation, the state and governments at all levels are constantly introducing and adjusting the corresponding control measures, and epidemic prevention means, the most important of which is the national isolation.
Recently, the CDC of Guangzhou has found that a new coronavirus trail appears on the door handle of a patient. So what are the symptoms of the novel coronavirus? How to tell if you have got it?
General symptoms
Fever, fatigue, dry cough, and gradually dyspnea;

Some patients have mild onset symptoms, even no obvious fever.
Severe symptoms
Acute respiratory distress syndrome, septic shock, metabolic acidosis that is difficult to correct, and coagulation dysfunction.
Many people think that novel coronavirus pneumonia is a necessary symptom of fever. If it is not a fever, it is wrong to represent oneself. It is worth noting that in addition to the above typical symptoms, there are also some "hidden" symptoms, such as:
1. Gastrointestinal symptoms, such as mild anorexia, asthenia, poor spirit, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, etc.;
2. Nervous system symptoms, such as headache;
3. Cardiovascular system symptoms, such as palpitation, chest distress, etc.;
4. Ophthalmic symptoms, such as conjunctivitis;
5. Mild limb or back muscle ache.

How to tell if you have got it? Here are three main points:
1. Have you been to Wuhan, Hubei province, or other epidemic areas with continuous transmission of local cases in recent 2 weeks?
2. Have you ever contacted the patients with fever or respiratory symptoms in the above areas, especially the clustered cases?
3. Is there any history of contact with novel coronavirus patients?
If there is one of the above three symptoms, such as fever, occur at the same time, novel coronavirus is highly suspected.
Symptoms of pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus:
Fever, fatigue, and dry cough are the main manifestations. Respiratory secretions are not too much. A few patients have chills, nasal congestion, runny nose, diarrhea, conjunctival congestion and other symptoms. In severe cases, dyspnea usually occurs one week later.