Chronic Prostatitis Success Case: Steve From UK

Date:2022-08-26 click:0
Name: Steve, over 40, Office
Symptoms: Steve had always had nightly urination since he was 15. However, for about 6 years he suffer from more and more frequent toilet urges and some pain when sitting down for too long. Over the last 2 years, he had the nightly urge to go to the toilet at least 2-3 times a night. 
There is, luckily no pain just yet on ejaculation nor urine passing. Pelvic pain - yes, especially after sitting down for long.
Diagnosis: Checked by a urologist who has confirmed prostatitis
Medical history:  For the last 5 years Steve has been on and off various medicines such as Betmiga, Tolterodine, Trospium, Imipramine, Flomaxtra etc… in combinations and separately. 
Consulting time: 2022-1
Treating courses: 2.5 courses treatment with Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill
Treatment process: At the first visit on January 22, Steve contacted us and found Dr.Lee. He described his treatment experience and current main symptoms to Dr. Lee in detail. After having a certain understanding of his current physical condition, Dr. Lee suggested that he take Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for one course of treatment.
According to the description of Steve's condition, he has nocturia and needs to strengthen the diuretic effect. Therefore, Dr. Lee has strengthened the herbs, such as plantain and Polygonum, in his prescription. Moreover, he had pain when sitting down for too long and needed to strengthen blood circulation, remove stasis and relieve pain. Therefore, Dr. Lee added peach kernel and myrrh to his prescription.
Because Steve said he liked to drink alcohol, Dr. Lee advised Steve not to drink during the treatment before taking the medicine. And drink less coffee, avoid spicy food and other foods that may aggravate his symptoms. 
One month after taking our pill. He began to feel better and the symptoms of nocturia were relieved. Most of the time, he only goes to the toilet once before going to bed. But he still feels pelvic pain when sitting for a long time.
Dr. Lee advised him not to drink water before going to bed and to increase the amount of water he drank during the day. And Dr. Lee suggest that he should exercise properly, not be tired, not sit or stand for a long time. 
Also, because Steve has been the condition for a long time, his body is abnormal due to long-term illness, and the improvement will be slow. Moreover, his symptoms are improving, indicating that the drug effect is working. Therefore, Dr. Lee advised Steve to continue treatment. So he ordered another 1.5 courses.

After 2.5 months’ medication treatment, his symptoms disappeared much. Then he thanked Dr.Lee by email for his treatment.