How to treat mycoplasma infection effectively?

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Mycoplasma is a kind of simplest prokaryote. It is a sexually transmitted disease just like chlamydia infection, thus, if mycoplasma is not to be treated timely, it will lead to a series of pathological changes.

On men, the infection can firstly endanger the mucosae of urethral canal and then spread to nearby organs lead to prostatitis, vesiculitis, orchitis and epididymitis. The wider it is spreading, the severer symptoms people can experience. What's more, if this disease cannot be cured timely, people even can lose their reproductive ability.
This disease can be affected by both men and women. It is a embarrass disease for both of them because of positiveness of mycoplasma.
Since mycoplasma is a sexually transmitted disease, the most common transmitted way is sex. Thus, those people who have had this disease should avoid sex and say no to wives. What’s more, as their partners, they also have to receive treatment.
However, how to treat the positive mycoplasma effectively?
An usual way to treat the positiveness of mycoplasma is to take antibiotics, a western medicine, with which it would produce drug resistance definitely and side-effects more or less so that it is not suggested to use for a long term, though it becomes effective quickly. For, according to relative studies, antibiotics have been used exceedingly too much in China, it is suggested to take antibiotics after cautious considerations, even though its certain curative effects.
Since the western medicines are hardly to cure the positiveness of mycoplasma, what would we take against it? Exactly are the traditional Chinese medicines. However, in treating the positiveness of mycoplasma, with what advantages the traditional Chinese medicines are to be superior to the western medicines? And are the former definitely superior to the latter? Obviously, the answer is definite.
The treatment way of this disease is simple. Before it becomes chronic type, it can be cured by antibiotic within weeks. But if you are this type of people, who cannot take antibiotic, or you are not allergy to antibiotic or your mycoplasma already has been chronic type, the best treatment is herbal medicine. Every treatment has its characters. Please choose the most suitable one via your own conditions.