How many treatment methods we have for mycoplasma?

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The treatment method for mycoplasma is a top topic for young recently, because of the increased number of mycoplasma patients. Mycoplasma, as a STD, spread gradually with the open mind on sex. Moreover, this disease also can bring a lot of harms to patients, so how to cure this disease and how many treatment methods patients can choose are the most frequent asked questions.


Mycoplasma patient not only can experience Urinary Tract Symptoms like frequent and urgent urination, but also the infertility. To cure this disease, the principle is early detection and treatment. As for the treatment methods, herbal and western treatments are common practices. Here Dr. Lee will introduce the two methods one by one.


Antibiotics: the most widely used treatment nowadays for mycoplasma


On March 6th 2014, an article from Xinhua net titled:An invisible bomb to human body---Abuse of antibiotics indicates that the world is starting to notice the disaster that antibiotics brought to human beings. Thus, to cure mycoplasma, people should pay much attention on choosing.


According to the effect of antibiotics to mycoplasma, reported by patients, it works effectively. However, antibiotics also have drug resistance. Thus, the effect for a longer treating course is bad, besides antibiotics also can bring harms to liver and kidney. Many patients may know that the relapse rate of mycoplasma is very high, so cure mycoplasma with antibiotics only cannot make this disease heal radically.


Herbal treatment - Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill and fuyan pill: more effective and lower relapse rate


Traditional Chinese medicine is the inheritance of ancient herbal medicine. From ancient times to present, the effect on treating mycoplasma is always good. For Traditional Chinese Medicine, not only the symptoms should be killed, but also the mycoplasma. Thus, the pill should have functions like clearing heat and removing toxin, activating blood and resolving stasis, and resolving dampness.


More than 30 years clinical experience on treating mycoplasma makes Dr. Lee an expert on this aspect. And the herbal pills named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill (for men) and fuyan pill (for women), invented by Dr. Lee, has a good reputation on this disease, with lower relapse rate and excellent effect. What's more, the two herbal pills also can adjust the function of body and improve immunity system.


Although there are a lot of treatment methods for mycoplasma, patients cannot choose the treatment methods blindly. The most expensive one is not the best one. If choosing herbal pill, man also should pay attention to personal hygiene.