10 frequently asked questions on chlamydia infection

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1. In what situation does man need to have a chlamydia test?

Here are two situations. First, man needs a chlamydia test if having symptoms like frequent urination and so on. Second, if man does not have any symptoms but prepares to have babies, test is necessary too, in case impacting the healthy of infant.


2. What is the consequence if it is left untreated?

Infertility is the severest consequence if one left chlamydia infection untreated. Chlamydia infection can affect the sperm quality and block the fertilization of sperm and egg. What's more, chlamydia infection is a disease that easily occurs again and again, so timely and proper treatment is necessary.


3. Can man with chlamydia infection consider of having babies?

As known that chlamydia infection is a STD. Therefore, sexual contact is forbidden, let alone having babies. And as mentioned before, the chlamydia infection can affect the fertilization of sperm and egg and the quality of sperm, so considering of having babies is not suitable.


4. To have babies, how long male needs to wait?

Man can consider of having a baby, one week or one month later after chlamydia infection is cured. Herbal pill - Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has amazing effect on chlamydia infection, especially on the chronic chlamydia. Generally speaking, obvious improvement on symptoms can be observed on the first treating course, chlamydia infection can be cured totally after at the third course. By the way, man needs to pay attention to sexual hygiene, in case of the recurrence.


5. Can one with chlamydia infection more than seven years get a cure?

Improper treatment is the major cause for such longer chlamydia infection. Although chlamydia infection can be cured by antibiotics, the curative effect of antibiotics gets worse and worse commonly because of drug resistance. Curing the recurrence of chlamydia infection, herbal pill - Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has no drug resistance.


6. What are the symptoms of chlamydia infection and how long they will appear after infected?

The incubation period of chlamydia infection commonly is one to three weeks. On the early stage, the symptoms can be redness and swelling on the urethral orifice. At the later stage, the symptoms are enlargement of prostate, fibrillation and calcification of tissues, blockage and so on.


7. Can one experience anal pain after infection? 

Generally, chlamydia patients won't experience this symptom. However, if the chlamydia spreads against the current, reaching to the prostate gland, it is possible. Herbal pill - Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill not only can cure chlamydia infection but also its complication - prostatitis.


8. Can one get the chlamydia infection if having protected sex?

Please do not worry about it, the chance for one to get chlamydia infection under protection is very low. And asking chlamydia infection patients to avoid sexual contact not only is to prevent relapse of this disease, but also other infections.


9. Can this disease impacts kidney?

In the short period, kidney is safe, but in the long run, the left untreated chlamydia infection can bring damages to kidney tissues. Therefore, timely treatment is inevitable.


10. Only man can affect this disease?

Chlamydia infection, as a STD, can be infected by both man and woman. What's more, the morbidity rate of woman is higher than man. To avoid the recurrence of this disease, women can take fuyan pill.