The prescription to cure aspermatism, oligospermatism and necrospermia

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Prostatitis, epididymitis, cystospermitis cause seminal ducts obstructive azoospermatism, necrospermia, sterilitas virilis: Prostatitis, epididymitis, cystospermitis affect sperm discharging,and prostatitis may lead to ejaculatory duct dropsy and obstruction. Obstructive oligospermatism, azoospermatism are caused. The activity ratio of sperms is zero, azoospermatism is one kind of male sterility, and the spermary can’t produce sperms.

Prostatitis cause necrospermia:
The sperms are produced inside convoluted tubule. Under a microscope, the sperms look like small tadpoles, with a round head, and lathy tails, however, for some reason, the sperms may be caused to death, when the ratio of dead sperms reach 50% of all, male sterility has arisen, in medical science it’s called necrospermia.
sperms produced in convoluted tubule of spermary enter into epididymis first, and then pass through deferent duct reaching spermary. The spermary secretes nutriments necessary to existence of sperms.
The germs in urethra infiltrate prostate, spermatophore, deferent duct, epididymis, and testicle, causing inflammatory desease.
When the germs reproduce in genital duct, will secrete harmful substances, insulting sperms.
The germs’breeding will use up a mass of nourishments and nutrient substances necessary for sperms’existence.the surroundings for sperms’survival is destroyed, wich causes sperms’death.
The germs will excrete plentiful acidic materials when they reproduce, making PH value decrease in male gentital tract, causing acid intoxication of sperms.The sperms consume a mass of oxygen when reproducing, causing sperms’death due to hypoxia.
So when gentital tract is infiltrated by germs, the timely treatment is needed.
Chinese traditional medicine used to treat prostatic disorders, can cure aspermatism, oligospermatism and necrospermia。
The use of antidote of traditional Chinese medicine can achieve the effect of western antibiotics absolutely, and Chinese traditional medicine has advantage of non- resistance to drugs, and non-drug resistance,It can kill all sorts of bacteria, viruses, pathogens in 3 months or so, and treat chronic prostatitis, cure once and for all mycoplasma, chlamydia infectious prostatitis.
The use of promoting blood circulation by removing blood stasis Of traditional Chinese medicine, cooperating with the antidote can cure the edema, enlarged prostate, hyperplasia, tumor, dredging deferent duct etc. It can also help to reduce and eliminate the gas pain and bearing-down pain, and cure prostatitis, cystospermitis, orchitis, azoospermatism, male sterility.
The medicines for inducing diuresis for treating strangurtia cooperating with antidote can eliminate irritative symptoms of bladder, helping patients to eliminate meatus urinarius red, ache, X searing, stabbing pain , itching, festering, dripping white, frequent micturition, urgency, odynuria and so on.