Doctor.Lee tells you: Causes of infertility in men

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The World Health Organization (WHO) reported that infertility is a major worldwide medical and social issue. The incidence of infertility showes an increasing trend, and with factors like environmental pollution and working pressure, the infertility patients actually is more than 20%. 

High incidence of infertility phenomenon has aroused concern and attention in all walks of life. And with the development of medical sciences, infertile couples can achieve pregnancy rates of 30% -50% after treatment. Accepting treatment is the premise to improve the pregnancy rate. We invite Dr. Lee who studies traditional Chinese medicine to answer the common questions on infertility.
Reporter: Dr. Lee, thank you for introducing the various reasons that cause infertility in women to us. Today, more information on reasons that cause infertility in men is expected to satisfy our readers.
Dr. Lee: Well, infertility in men is always caused by many other diseases or factors. Some disease or factor can simultaneously have influence on different segments of the male reproductive. Hence, diagnosis and treatment for the disease and factors that cause infertility in men is necessary. But what are the diseases and factors that cause infertility in men?
1. Abnormal semen
a. Too few sperm or no sperm: It is well known without sperm in the semen, the egg can't be fertilized. This situation can be permanent or temporary. The permanent situation is commonly seen in congenital testicular developmental disorders or serve testicular lesions vas deferens. While the temporary situation mostly occurs in spermatogenesis which caused by frequent sex. 
b. Low motility and viability of sperm or too many abnormal sperm can lead to infertility. As well
c. Unusual physical and chemical properties of semen: normal semen can convert into the solidified jelly soon after the prostate injeculates. But in the next 15 to 30 minutes it all liquefies. If the sperm is failure in freezing or liquefaction, patients may have seminal vesiclesor prostate disease. 
Besides, some bacterial, virus infect reproductive tract, which can lead to the changes in the composition of semen, or even lead to infertility. 
2. Sperm production disorders:
a. Normal sex chromosome can cause poorly differentiated in testis and other organs, for instance, klinefelter syndrome.
b. Cryptorchidism: one side of the scrotum or both sides can not be touched.
c. Testis lesion: prepubertal mumps, such as concurrent orchitis, the impaired germ cell can seriously affect fertility. Epididymitis or hard nodules are able to influence the output channel for the sperm. Poor blood circulation and testicular tissue hypoxia can be caused by varicocele, which reduces the amount and motility of the sperm, increases the abnormal sperm. What's more, in severe condition, infertility is prone to happen.
3. Fators that affect the fertilization
a. Epididymis, vas deferens, ejaculatory duct and catheter are all where semen must go through, pathological changes in anyone of the four can preclude the movement of the sperm, then leads to infertility. 
b. Retrograde ejaculation: semen reflux into the bladder.  
c. Abnormal external genitalia: for instance, congenital absence of the penis, too small penis, epispadias and hypospadias can all brings about difficulty in sex life. 
4. Endocrine dysfunction: for example, pituitary hypofunction is prone to cause barrier for the growth of seminiferous epithelium or germ cells.
5. Other causes:some systemic diseases, severe malnutrition, radiation, high temperature, poisoning, low-grade cotton seed oil or sperm antibody are all the factors that may lead to infertility.
Reporter: It is said that men who work in IT industry run a high risk of suffering from prostatitis. Why?
Dr. Lee: Men in the IT industry are almost own common habits. They sit for 8 to 10 hours in front of the computer at work. Seldom will them spare time to drink water or have the awareness of urinating. Moreover, they usually stay up all night. Those are all factors which can brings about prostatitis.