How to prevent or cure infertility caused by oligospermia?

Date:2018-12-02 click:0

A great deal of men has infertility problems. Most of the time, it is caused by unhealthy lifestyle. However there also are some men whose infertility is caused by reproductive diseases infection, oligospermia and so on. 

The semen is so important for reproduction, how to prevent or cure the infertility caused by oligospermia? Here are some tips as follows:
1.Learn some sexual knowledge. It is necessary for men to know some sexual knowledge like the healthcare methods and the physical feature of reproductive organs, because once there is any chance of differences like swelling, hardening, and pain, please receive treatment as soon as possible.
2.Build a healthy genital hygiene. A lot of contagions like STDs can be prevented by Healthy genital hygiene like wash genitals every day, change underwear every day and have protected sex.  
3.Give up unhealthy lifestyle. Men with oligospermia should say goodbye to drinking and smoking. What's more, they also should avoid cold and spicy food. Toxic materials in daily life should also be paid attention to. Cloths picked from dry cleaner shouldn’t be worn immediately, because sexual ability of man can be affected or damaged by the materials.
4.Avoid high temperature on testicle. Since the testicles are delicate organs against temperature, the sperm quality can be affected greatly, if the temperature is as high as body temperature. Therefore, everything that can rise the testicle temperature should be avoided.
5.Taking Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. Herbal medicine - Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can eradicate the oligospermia and enhance the immunity and self-healing both. This herbal pill has strong ability of clearing away heat and toxic materials, so oligospermia caused by infection is more suitable for this treatment. This herbal pill also has many other amazing functions like promoting blood circulation, dissolving stasis and eliminating dampness. Therefore, other sperm disease like asthenozoospermia and necrospermia can also be settled by it.
Infertility caused by oligospermia isn't a disease hard to be cured and prevented. As long as infertility sufferers can follow the tips I list, I am sure that the infertility can be settled completely.