How to deal with the hematospermia caused by holding ejaculation?

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Hematospermia is usually defined as the presence of blood in the semen. Generally speaking, this disease can frighten patients but it is usually benign. However, if patients can see clearly the blood using the eyes, this disease may be more serious. Therefore, it is necessary to diagnose early and do the corresponding treatment. 
Hematospermia can be caused by many factors, but in here, we will lay heavy stress on the cause named holding ejaculation, it can lead to hematospermia. Let’s take Mr. Zu’s actual clinic experience for instance, Mr. Zu who is 40-year old is always troubled by some diseases. Meanwhile, he has also a decreased immunity. As he is told that holding ejaculation is good for vigour and health, he starts to hold ejaculation. In a short time, there is nothing abnormal, but hematospermia which freaks Mr. Zu out has been found after an unexpected ejaculation about half a year later.
According to Mr. Zu’s real case, then why hematospermia can be caused by holding ejaculation and how to do a good treatment for the hematospermia?
In fact, hematospermia is a common male reproductive disease that has blood in semen after intercourse, masturbation or spermatorrhea. If such these behaviors that were done by Mr. Zu is harmful for his body, because ejaculation is a sign of orgasm and it is also a normal phenomenon. Holding ejaculation can stop the toxic materials from flushing out with semen. Therefore, toxic materials in semen cannot be brought out and then they will damage reproductive organs. What’s more terrible, holding ejaculation can also bring impotence to men. 
Hematospermia, in the view of TCM, is caused by dampness-heating in lower energizer, its coming will block Qi and blood circulation. Therefore, To cure the hematospermia caused by holding ejaculation, these main functions like clearing heat, removing toxin, resolving dampness, activating blood, resolving stasis, softening hardness and dissipating mass are needed. The effect of these functions can treat completely for hematospermia patients.
Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill with these main functions mentioned above, is a professional & complete formula for hematospermia patients. It contains Plantain Seed which can clear away heat and remove toxins, Angelica sinensis which can promote the blood circulation, red peony which can relieve swelling and houttuynia cordata which can clear toxins and improve immunity. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a herbal pill that modifies with ancient folk formula. Therefore, it is better and more effective. This herbal pill not only can uproot the hematospermia but also eliminate complications like prostatitis or seminal vesiculitis.
Besides this natural &effective pill, in order to cure the hematospermia caused by holding ejaculation, Patients should also build a healthy habit, it is as important as the treatment. Meanwhile, Patients like Mr. Zu who has a weak immunity and is often troubled by some diseases should also do more exercise, supplement more nutrition, and take more rest, and combining with the medicinal treatment named “diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill” is absolutely a better choice.