6 Food Therapies for Patients with Hematospermia

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Hematospermia is a common disease in male venereal disease with a high incidence. The symptoms of the disease are ejaculation with blood, and the typical situation is that sperm in the process of running makes all organs lesions. The most common cause of hematospermia is seminal vesiculitis, prostatitis, urethral congestion, and other diseases. 
There are many treatment methods for this disease, such as drug therapy, surgical therapy, etc. Someone put forward food therapy is also beneficial to the condition. 

Here are six food therapies for patients with hematospermia. 
(1) Carp field: carp 1 (200-500 grams), pepper, seedling incense, onion, ginger amount. Fish to scale gill, viscera, wash the amount of water boiled soup, cooked after adding seasoning. Have fish and soup. It has the function of clearing dampness and heat and is used for blood essence caused by dampness and heat. 
(2) Pork kidney boiled black beans: pork kidney 1 pair, black beans 500 grams. Wash the pig kidney, remove the manic tendon, boil it with black beans and water until the beans are cooked and not bad, then eat the pig kidney, and take out the black beans and dry them in the sun, chew the black beans, 30-60 grams a day, half a month for a course of treatment. It has the function of tonifying the kidney and benefiting essence. It is used for blood essence caused by deficiency of the kidney. 
(3) Fresh lotus root porridge: 50 grams of fresh lotus root, 50 grams of japonica rice, white sugar. The two together into porridge, into the sugar to adjust. It can clear heat, cool blood, and stop bleeding. It is used for blood essence caused by blood heat. 
(4) Lotus seed porridge: lotus seeds, rice, sugar. Peel lotus seeds and rice with porridge into sugar. It has the function of tonifying the heart and spleen and is used for blood essence caused by deficiency of Qi and blood. 
(5) Raw Rehmannia glutinis porridge: 150ml of raw Rehmannia glutinis juice (or 30-50g of raw Rehmannia glutinis), an appropriate amount of Chen Cang rice. Both with the porridge, add the proper amount of white sugar. It nourishes Yin and reduces inner heat and is used for blood essence caused by Yin deficiency and fire. 
(6) Hamstring and blood cane soup: 80 grams of pig hamstring, 50 grams of caulis spatholobi, 6 red dates. First, wash the pig's feet, clear bubbles overnight, the next day with boiling water for 4 hours, and then clean water, and chicken blood teng, red dates with the casserole with water decocted, tendon cooked after adding salt seasoning, drink soup to eat tendon, red dates. It is used for blood stasis caused by internal obstruction of blood stasis. 
Besides, men can eat some fresh fruits like apples, pears, peaches, vegetables and nuts, nucleoli, walnuts, etc. They contribute to the good formation of the sperm microenvironment and are conducive to growth and development of sperm. 
In addition to dietary therapy, what are the general clinical methods? 
1. Antibiotic plus rational therapy treatment: 
For anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory treatment, intravenous drip of broad-spectrum antibiotics can be used in the acute phase. Then take oral antibiotics after the condition is stable. 
Methods such as 1∶5000 potassium permanganate warm bath, local ditherization therapy through the perineum or rectum or hot compress with hot water bottle can improve local microcirculation and promote the regression of inflammation. 
Carry on seminal vesicle prostate massage 1 time a week, promote seminal vesicle inside fluid eduction. After active treatment, hematospermia will disappear after recovery and will not have a significant impact on fertility.
2. Traditional Chinese medicine treatment: 
Hematospermia is the main symptom of seminal vesiculitis, and seminal vesiculitis is often associated with prostatitis and epididymitis. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is mainly used to promote blood circulation, remove blood stasis, clears heat, and detoxifies to achieve anti-hyperplasia and detumescence. It can eliminate the lesions of seminal vesiculitis, prostatitis, and epididymitis to achieve healing results. 
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