To Prevent Hematospermia, firstly Men Need to Preclude Excessive Masturbation

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As we all know, many men have the habit of masturbation. However, some men find that their semen appears pink, red, brownish red or bloodshot. Wuhan herbalist Dr. Lee Xiaoping explains that, in fact, these phenomena refer to hematospermia in clinic. As hematospermia is a common male reproductive tract disease, if untreated, it can induce male infertility. Dr. Lee says that if men want to prevent it, it is necessary to put an end to excessive masturbation. 

In general, semen is gray or white, but if men don’t ejaculate for long term, it may show light yellow. In clinic, these conditions are normal. However, if the semen is red, pink and other abnormal colors because of excessive masturbation, it is necessary for men to pay enough attention to this. 
Then, why does semen appear these abnormal colors if men have excessive masturbation?
Dr. Lee explains, when men have excessive masturbation, the central nervous system will be in the excited state for a long time. The genitourinary system will be long-term congestion because of excessive masturbation. And the tiny blood vessels will rupture and bleed caused by mechanical collision. For these reasons, hematospermia may appear if men have excessive masturbation. 
Besides, because of excessive masturbation, the reproductive organs such as prostate, seminal vesicle are easy to be infected caused by the bacteria invasions. Take the seminal vesiculitis for example; it is the common disease to cause hematospermia. 

Seminal vesicle, rich in tiny blood vessels, is used for sperm storage. And the tiny blood vessels are easy to bleed caused by damage. In addition, since the seminal vesicle is located between the bladder and the rectum, and above the prostate, the semen will be discharged through the ejaculatory duct and the urethra. So once infected with genital tract inflammation such as seminal vesiculitis, men are susceptible to hematospermia.
Of course, reproductive diseases like prostatitis, urethritis can also lead to hematospermia. Once confirmed with these diseases, if the antibiotics work no avail or these diseases are developed into chronic type, patients might as well try the TCM treatment like Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It can not only prevent the hematospermia, but also cure this disease from the root.
In addition, for example, avoiding frequent and drastic sexual intercourses, stimulation foods and alcohol, averting horseback riding for long distances, seminal taking vesicles and prostate massage frequently, and taking hot bath every day can also prevent the hematospermia to some degree. 
In summary, long-term excessive masturbation can lead to genital tract inflammation, finally causing hematospermia. Take the health into consideration; it is necessary for men to put an end to excessive masturbation. Besides, the above mentioned precautionary measures are also helpful.

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