To cure hematospermia and hematuresis, hemostasis and diuresis are the key

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In our daily life, no matter what diseases patients have, as long as there is bleeding symptom, patients often feel very fearful. For men, the bleeding symptom is relatively common such as hematospermia and hematuresis. If these symptoms are untreated timely, they will bring much harm to men like male infertility. Currently, TCM has its own advantage. To cure hematospermia and hematuresis, hemostasis and diuresis are the key.

To cure the two symptoms, firstly, knowing the causes is necessary. 
Generally speaking, hematospermia and hematuresis are commonly related to genitourinary system diseases. Usually, seminal vesiculitis and prostatitis are the major causes of hematospermia. Besides, epididymitis and urethritis are the secondly causes.
And hematuresis mostly attributes to urinary system diseases. The common causes of this symptom are urethritis, cystitis and so on. 
Thus it can be seen that to cure hematospermia and hematuresis, both symptoms and roots should be treated, that is to say, not only does genitourinary inflammation need to be eliminated, but also hemostasis and diuresis are necessary.
In the view of TCM, genitourinary system diseases interplay in physical, and they have interaction effect in pathology. Thereby, for the treatment, as long as the medication is accurate, the effect of homotherapy for heteropathy can be reached.
For the bleeding symptoms, patients can take the hemostatic formula first:
Baiji (Bletilla) 20g, Xianhecao (hairyvein agrimonia) 15g, Xiaoji (Common Cephalanoplos Herb) 15g, Puhuangtan (Cattail pollen carbon) 10g, Wulingzhitan (trogopterus dung carbon) 10g, Wuzeigu (cuttle bone) 20g 
Patients need to buy these herbs and boil them with water and then drink it. It has the effect of stopping bleeding. Puhuang and Wulingzhi should be fried to be black, which can reduce bleeding. This formula has great functions of hemostasis. 
In addition to these symptoms, patients also feel the symptoms of frequency and urgency, so the diuresis is necessary for patients. Being able to promote diuresis and relieve stranguria, diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill works effectively on these symptoms. 
Besides, the herbal medicine has a strong broad-spectrum antimicrobial, bactericidal effect; it works well on the inflammation of these genitourinary organs. It can cure hematospermia and hematuresis from the root. 
All in all, if patients suffer from hematospermia and hematuresis, they can try the TCM treatment, like the Zhixue Fang and herbal medicine diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill. It works effectively on hemostasis and diuresis, curing hematospermia and hematuresis radically.
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